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Tag: Tips

Financial Advice 101

§ How to Manage Your Debt
The overall debt concept – keep your debts as low as possible or best of all, no debt. At the very least, having a debt ratio of 20% to your income is ideal. This means your monthly debt payments (including mortgage) should be 20% of your gross income. Why? Because [...]

12 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is currently one of the fastest growing white collar crimes, with a whopping 10 million victims, in the United States and losses totaling around $1 billion in 2007, according to the latest figures from the Federal Trade Commission.
“I’m sorry Ms. Liang* but your VISA company declined approval for your purchase,” said the clerk [...]

Riding the Recession - 8 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

If you read the headlines and watch the news it’s hard to stay positive and optimistic about your career in the midst of the ever-changing economic crisis. Gone are the days of job security, pension plans and early retirements.
The workplace is different now. Companies are quicker to “right-size,” outsource work, and change directions than ever [...]