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Tag: Thai

Joyous Thai New Year Celebrated at Wat Buddhawararam

Denver is home to vibrant Thai community and its beloved temple of thirty-some years known as Wat Buddhawararam, which upholds the tenets of Theraveda Buddhism and is a cornerstone of the community. On the weekend of April 11th the local community celebrated the beginning of its New Year of 2552, which officially began on April [...]

The Middle Path in a Thai Painting

The Denver Art Museum is a place to visit beautiful, thought-provoking works of art. It is also a venue for lectures, concerts and other activities, and much goes on behind the scenes to make all of this possible. One place where this work often goes unnoticed is in the Conservation Department. Specialists there treat [...]

March Joy of Living Club Event at Wild Ginger

March JOL Club Event - Thai Food
Experience the hot and spicy dishes of Thai cuisine at the March Joy of Living Club event! Thai food is known for its use of fresh herbs and spices. Take a look at the delicious menu set up for this highly enjoyable dinner.
Friday, March 27th, 2009, Begins at 6:30pm
Wild [...]

Restaurant Peek: Thai Lotus Restaurant

Thai Lotus Restaurant
5131 S. Yosemite Ave. Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Tel: 720.529.8155,

Mon. – Fri. 11am – 9pm
Sat. and Sun. 4:30pm – 9pm
It’s a good thing you’re reading this article right now. Otherwise you may have never known about all the scrumptiousness that awaits you at Thai Lotus. The tiny restaurant off of Yosemite and Belleview [...]

Swing Thai

845 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80206
Tel: 303.777.1777
HOURS Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

The popularity of Thai cuisine in America has grown tremendously over the past decade. In 1996, when Swing Thai opened the doors of their first restaurant, Thai restaurants were still a rarity in the metro area; today there are over thirty. Now Swing Thai has three locations [...]