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Tag: Reflexology

Holistic Health is Sole-Priority at Vitality Spa

Vitality Spa
333 S. Federal Blvd. #204 (In Far East Center)
Denver, CO 80219
When you first step foot into Vitality Spa, its simple elegance, subdued lighting and thoughtful placement of delicate screens draw you in. The restful ambiance is a welcome contrast to the hurried outside world, which Vitality’s tried and true customers value and seek, again [...]

The Healing of Revitalization

Miracle Touch Massage and Reflexology
1004 S Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219
Hours: Mon to Sun, 10am - 9pm
When I embarked on my afternoon appointment at Miracle Touch Massage and Reflexology, I was in my normal mode of operation—rushed and task-focused. Little did I know that what I was about to experience a session of healthful treatment [...]

Reflexology: Charting a Course of Good Health

Throughout history, health practices similar to modern reflexology have appeared, been lost and rediscovered, time and again, in various cultures around the globe. Today’s practitioners of reflexology generally follow a version of the art that arose in China around 2750 BC, and was transplanted into Japanese culture in 670 AD. The main claim of reflexology [...]