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June 2009
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Tag: musician

All Dolled Up at Hina Matsuri

The 2009 Hina Matsuri Doll and Cultural Festival was a success and well attended on March 7th and 8th at the Simpson United Methodist Church. Traditional Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day dolls were on display as well as bonsai and ikebana. There were live performances ranging from martial arts to the tea ceremony to Japanese [...]

Indonesian String Trio Performs in Denver

On January 3rd, three string musicians from California known as Trio Waworoendeng presented an afternoon concert at the Denver South SDA Church. The string trio is a classical chamber ensemble comprised of Alva, Jeremiah and Emerald Waworoendeng, three young musicians from Loma Linda, California.
Alva, who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from La [...]

The Mastery Behind the Music

Khechog was born in Kahm Gaji, Tibet. At 54 years old, his life has taken many twists and turns – member of Tibetan guerilla army to a monk and hermit under the tutelage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to world-renowned composer and musician who lives with wife, Tsering Youdon in Boulder, Colorado.
Even though Khechog [...]

The World of Wendy Woo

In many ways, Wendy Woo is the quintessential Denver-area musician, transplanted to the area, growing up amidst the excitement and artistic innovation of Boulder in the mid-seventies, and mixing with the children of the area’s best and brightest of that time period. Her various musical incarnations have had a major impact on our music scene; [...]

Korean Dancers Delight Denver Audience

Over 2,500 Denverites were treated to a unique traditional Korean performance on Sept. 6, when the Korean Consulate General sponsored a rare U.S. visit by a Korean dance troupe, Festive Lands, for a performance at the DCPA.
The dancers and musicians filled the stage with a blur of color and rhythm, with different groupings of [...]