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Tag: Christmas

Colorado’s Indonesian Community Holds a Christmas Celebration

The Indonesian community in Colorado celebrated the birth of Christ on December 13, 2008 at the Faith Presbyterian Church. The celebration was organized by Mapulus, a Colorado Indonesian social group headed by Pastor R. Goni in Colorado. Mapalus means “gotong-royong” or “helping one another”. An estimated 300 people attended the celebration representing about nine Indonesian [...]

12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway: December 12 to 23

1) For each item giveaway, go to and submit the online entry form between 8am MST and 10pm MST of that day. You must submit the form daily to be entered for that day’s gift.
2) On the following day, winners will be announced on the web site and via e-mail.
3) Come to [...]

How to Have a Meaningful Christmas

Have you felt that your Christmas celebrations are lacking in real meaning in recent years? Have you wondered what Christmas is really about or why it matters? And have you wished for a more meaningful way to celebrate this coming Christmas?
One option which might bring you a significant and rewarding experience this holiday season is [...]

NOCHE BUENA Filipino National Fiesta

Christmas in the Philippines is the most anticipated holiday of the year. The Philippines is noted for having the longest Christmas celebration in the world. A Filipino tradition that has passed down from generation to generation is Noche Buena, Spanish for “Good Night.” On Christmas Eve, family and friends gather after attending church service or [...]

Editor’s Note - December 2008

Happy Holidays!
Growing up in Colorado, I was often asked “Do you celebrate Christmas?” by teachers and classmates. In part, because I was one of three AAPIs in the school and somewhat of a mystery, and partly because I was Buddhist. My response was often met with surprise and confusion. Most Japanese Americans, Buddhist or otherwise, [...]