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Asian Reflections on the American Landscape: Identifying and Interpreting Asian Heritage

It was a delight to happen across a copy of this work, published by the National Center for Cultural Resources, a division of the National Park Service which is the federal agency well known for its active management of our national parks and historic landmarks.
I was impressed with the publication’s statement of truth about the [...]

Voices from Colorado: Perspectives of Asian Pacific Americans

Book Review: Voices from Colorado: Perspectives of Asian Pacific Americans
By Nestor J. Mercado, Elnora Minoza-Mercado & Alok Sarwal, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-0-615-20213-6
Voices from Colorado is a rich and well-researched resource for anyone with an interest in the complex tapestry of Asian American history and culture in the Rocky Mountain West. It is “must reading” for anyone of [...]

Adopting Kari Grady Grossman

Bones That Flloat: A Story of Adopting Cambodia sets out to tell the story of Kari Grossman and her husband George, an American couple who, frustrated by their own reproductive limits, begin a journey into the wide and seemingly pointed universe to adopt a needy Cambodian boy living in a Phnom Pen orphanage. It is [...]

Voices From Colorado Book Launch

In an energetic conversation with the authors of Voices From Colorado – Perspectives of Asian Pacific Americans, Nestor J. Mercado, Elnora Minoza-Mercado, and Alok Sarwal, Ph.D. voice their passion for writing this book.
After serving ten years as editors of Asian Pacific American Times, Nestor and Elnora Mercado retired from the newspaper industry only to jump [...]