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When Porcelain Meets Arts: Exhibition from the Porcelain Capital of China

admin | Inside Stories | Wednesday, 03 December 2008

When defining the word “china”, most people today think of the country in East Asia. Yet back in the 17th century, the Europeans thought of this word differently. For them, china was a special kind of exquisite porcelain. This porcelain dominated their minds so much that they eventually named the country that made it, China.

More than 2,000 years ago, Jingdezhen became the origin of this exquisite porcelain industry. Jingdezhen actually was not the original name of the town. The emperor during the Song Dynasty, Jingde, renamed the town after his era in 1005. To show respect in ancient China, people avoided using names that were the same or similar to the emperor’s name and therefore, it was a great honor for the town to receive this name. Thereafter, the emperor appointed government porcelain workshops called imperial kilns and official kilns, which exclusively made china for the imperials and the offi cials. Since then, Jingdezhen has enjoyed a high reputation as the porcelain capital of the world. The collection of porcelain wares brought great pride to the European imperial palace in the 17th century.


How to Have a Meaningful Christmas

admin | Features | Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Have you felt that your Christmas celebrations are lacking in real meaning in recent years? Have you wondered what Christmas is really about or why it matters? And have you wished for a more meaningful way to celebrate this coming Christmas?

One option which might bring you a significant and rewarding experience this holiday season is to approach Christmas from the mystical perspective.

“Shashin” Copying the Truth in Old Japan

admin | Art Buzz | Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Currently on exhibit in the Lab at Belmar, the vibrant and imaginative art space in Lakewood, is a collection of fascinating views of traditional Japan - “Orientalist Photography: Japan in the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period, 1868 – 1912”.

The exhibition is curated by Mark Sink, photographer and private art consultant based in Denver, who twenty
years ago inherited a beautifully decorated, inlayed and lacquered album of early photographs of Japan and its people. The album, complete with the wonderful hand-tinted albumen prints, had been collected by Sink’s great grandfather, James L. Breese, then a society photographer in New York City, who acquired it during one of his trips to Japan at the turn of the century.


NOCHE BUENA Filipino National Fiesta

admin | Features | Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Christmas in the Philippines is the most anticipated holiday of the year. The Philippines is noted for having the longest Christmas celebration in the world. A Filipino tradition that has passed down from generation to generation is Noche Buena, Spanish for “Good Night.” On Christmas Eve, family and friends gather after attending church service or mass. And, at midnight, the feast begins.

The sumptuous meal includes the national dish of the Philippines, chicken adobo, simmered in soy sauce, vinegar and spices and served with steamed rice. Filipino cuisine reflects the culinary influences from China, Malay, India, Thailand and Spain. There’s a blend of food offerings like pancit, stir-fried rice noodles to celebrate long life, and lumpia, crispy Filipino egg rolls with beef and vegetables.


Rejuvenate at the Compassionate Monastery in Morrison

admin | Health | Monday, 01 December 2008

Enjoy the scenic drive and feel nature’s freshness, as you make your way up the mountains to a relaxing resort, not a bustling ski resort, but a modest three-story light blue house refurbished into a Buddhist monastery. Take 285 west just eight miles past C-470 to arrive at the Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery in Morrison. Here, monks live and teach to a loyal following of weekly and monthly visitors.

One of the monks is Thich Tinh Man, referred to as Thay Tinh Man. Thay, is Vietnamese for “teacher,” while the Abbot’s name, Tinh Man, translates to “complete stillness” in English.

Thay Tinh Man began studying Buddhism in Hawaii at the age of 19 and shortly after became a monk. Originally from Vietnam, he has spent time living in Kansas City, New Orleans, Honolulu, and Bordeaux, France.

Editor’s Note - December 2008

admin | Editor's Note | Monday, 01 December 2008

Erin's PhotoHappy Holidays!

Growing up in Colorado, I was often asked “Do you celebrate Christmas?” by teachers and classmates. In part, because I was one of three AAPIs in the school and somewhat of a mystery, and partly because I was Buddhist. My response was often met with surprise and confusion. Most Japanese Americans, Buddhist or otherwise, celebrate US holidays, especially Christmas, because it’s an opportunity to get together with family and friends, stuff ourselves with traditional and ethnic food, and give the perfect gifts.

A strong AAPI cultural value is family. No matter their religious beliefs, family ties are strong and everlasting. This month, we highlighted one such family whose roots are in the Philippines and asked them to share their insights from the first generation to the fourth.

Breaking From Tradition: Asian Americans find their groove in hop-hop subculture

admin | Features | Tuesday, 04 November 2008


From West Coast-based multiethnic breakdancing crew JabbawockeeZ winning MTV’s reality series “America’s Best Dance Crew” earlier this year to hip hop groups from Asia firing up the international underground hip-hop scene, the surge of Asian artists hitting the stage is a force to be reckoned with. Asian Avenue magazine looks into the lives of Colorado’s Asian American hip-hop personalities as they stir up the local scene, their multidimensional and multifaceted stories telling much more than just about hip hop, but also about how it shapes their ideals and everyday lives.

It’s 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, or “hump day” in college lingo, and restaurant bars on Boulder’s Hill are brimming with students enjoying $5 mojitos and discussing upcoming term papers. For them, this “hump day” ritual is their release from the rigors of school.

On the first-floor gym of the University of Colorado rec center is another crowd that also gets together for some release from school on a given Wednesday night – it’s the Front Range Rockers, a crew of B-Boys and B-Girls practicing power moves and battling each other to breakbeats booming from silver speakers covered in graffiti.


Hip Hop Sidebar: Break Dance Moves 101

admin | Cover Story, Features | Tuesday, 04 November 2008

BDance 101

1) One-handed Freeze, 2) Headspin, 3) Hollowback, 4) Side Freeze, 5) One-handed Pike, 6) Tip Toe

APDC Celebrates New Community Room

admin | Mile High Society, On Scene | Tuesday, 04 November 2008

The Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC) and MillerCoors celebrated their success in renovating the new MillerCoors Community Room by a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 16. Through the partnership and generosity of MillerCoors, a newly renovated community room is available again to serve the needs of our diverse communities within the Denver Metro area and Front Range. The community room serves many functions: day treatments, movement therapy, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and more. A wonderful tradition of preparing meals for the classes including a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner for the holiday has made this a welcome and longed-for place.


On hand to cut the ribbon were Joanne Tabellija, Multicultural Relations Manager, MillerCoors, and Christine Wanifuchi, CEO, APDC. Among the attendees were Carla Madison, Denver City Councilwoman District 8, APDC board members Miok Fowler, Bob Hara and Rudolph Lie, APDC staff and friends.

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew visits Denver

admin | Mile High Society, On Scene | Tuesday, 04 November 2008

The 2008 America’s Best Dance Crew live tour stopped in Denver on October 8th at the Wells Fargo Theatre. The tour began in Miami on September 18th and moved across the country to 25 cities in five weeks ending in Houston on October 23.

The show began with intro dances from season-two crews Fanny Pak, BreakSk8 and A.S.I.I.D. The season’s winner, b-boys from Las Vegas, Super Cr3w, also battled on the stage. Finally, first-season winner, San Diego’s JabbaWockeeZ, took the stage with their notorious white masks and Michael Jackson renditions. MTV’s ABDC program recently won the Teen Choice Award for “Best Reality Dance Show” from FOX-TV and was ranked #4 on the “Top 10 Dance Shows of All Time” in TV Guide. The show is currently concluding open casting calls across the nation for season 3 crews.