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AsianAveMag: I posted 7 photos on Facebook in the album "Mr. Sushi"
AsianAveMag: I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album "Joy of Living New Year Dinner"
AsianAveMag: DENVER ART MUSEUM FREE ADMISSION: Mentioning Asian Avenue when you attend a Wednesday @ Noon lecture found at!
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  • kd.  - Stop Domestic Violence against the Asian woman
    Asian Magazine!

    Please help an Asian Student from Domestic Violence

    Stop domestic Violence against an Asian woman!

    Stop Domestic Violence in the religious Community!

    Stop Domestic Violence in Santa Clara County!

    Case #1 Campbell Police saw the victim with bruises all over her leg & body.
    Victim came to report incident that occurred 2 months prior. Because it was not reported 2 months prior, the abuser was a dry drunk and dragged the victim across the kitchen floor. Please help the victim to have 2 cases prosecute!

    The victim was crying out for help to 911, Los Gatos Police Dan Accardo appeared & assisted the victim to speak to the dispatcher

    Injustice reports, investigations, & outcomes by San Jose Police Officer-Overstreet-Batch #2477, San Jose investigator Sandy Parente, DA's investigator- Jorge Perez, DAs Julie Sousa & Daniel Nishigaya!

    1. Stop Domestic Violence in our Christian community! Stop abuser-Brian Stuckey from hiding in Bethel & River chur...
  • Leann  - Where do you distribute the magazine?
    Where can I pick-up a copy of Asian Avenue magazine? Can I get copies of the Octobor 2009 issue still?
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