Changing Landscape

Ho’s Beautiful Gardens
18105 E Alamo Dr.
Centennial, CO 80015
Tel: 303.601.4564

From the hot and steamy Mekong delta of Vietnam to the arid landscape of Denver’s high desert plains, Tien Ho has successfully transplanted himself into our community. Mr. Ho of Ho’s Beautiful Gardens does residential and commercial landscaping here on the Front Range. He has a driving passion for his work, but it’s not money or financial success that drives him; it’s the pleasure of a job well done.
Drawing upon his vast experience as a farmer and gardener back in Vietnam, Ho opened Ho’s Beautiful Gardens in 1992, choosing landscaping as a profession because the overwhelming sense of accomplishment he gets from completing a job. When he sees the finished garden, he revels in the idea that he has created something permanent out of nothing, and it makes him happy. Honor – not greed – is his primary motivation. He does a hard days’ work for fair pay.
And this sense of accomplishment is well-deserved too. With only a few hand tools, wheelbarrows and raw materials, Ho can install a deep fish, or reflecting pond complete with a waterfall for ambiance, a complex automatic sprinkler system buried under flagstone or paver walkways, open or covered patios, stone retaining walls, wooden decks with built-in spas, lined with accent lighting. And into this sturdy infrastructure he will seed, root and nurture green plants of all shapes and sizes, shade or fruit trees, flowers of all colors, ground covers, aromatic herbs or evergreens, standing finally like a modern-day hanging gardens of Babylon. In other words: if you can imagine it, Ho can build it. And just like that, he has transformed your barren back yard into an oasis surrounded by subtly guarding privacy fences, a stress-free and self perpetuating sanctuary to pass the warm days of green summer.

Feet First: Vitality Spa Foot Massage and Reflexology

Vitality Foot Spa & Reflexology
333 S. Federal Blvd. #204. Denver, CO 80219
Tel: 303.9359337

Being a journalist has its perqs. The money isn’t always great. And there aren’t hoards of women following you around. But occasionally, you do get deals that make the job almost worth it. I was recently offered a free reflexology session from Vitality Spa Foot Massage and Reflexology. During this session, I realized my most important possession isn’t my car, or my X-box. It is my body. And it is time I start investing in it.
My session was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It began with me soaking my feet in a warm tub of water. This water had been infused with Kandesn Spa Bath Salt; a special blend of herbal extracts that soothe your skin as soil and dead skin from your body are lifted off.
While my feet were soaking, Vitality Spa owner Li Li Liu gave my neck, back, shoulders, both arms, and both hands a serious massage. This woman looks thin and frail, but she has the strongest hands that have ever touched my body. After her hands were lifted from my skin, my body was more at ease than it has been since I can even remember. Goose bumps began to show up on my skin and I thought to myself “Now this is the life.”
After the foot soaking concluded, I was instructed to lie back and relax on one of their elegant velvet chases. My feet were raised out of the soaking tub and Mr. Chan; the head masseuse began to go to work on them. He massaged my feet in ways I never even knew existed; on the heel, the ankles, and between the toes.