Kung Fu Panda

There are many players that have a hand in making a film. There are cameramen (and women), producers, directors, actors, set designers, light and sound engineers, and many, many others. Out of everyone involved in producing a motion picture, the most important role is the screenwriter(s). Every scene, every line of dialogue, every twist, every turn is spawned from the writer’s imagination.
A script that is well written has the potential to be made into an enjoyable film. It is up to the other players (the directors, the actors etc.) to do their part in seeing that the vision is translated onto the big screen. If a script is poorly written, however, the film doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at being made into a well-received piece of cinema. If the dialogue is poorly constructed, it won’t matter how well the actors deliver their lines.
John Fusco, the man who wrote the script for The Forbidden Kingdom, did not do his job. The story itself is ridiculous. With all of the scripts that are sent to Hollywood and are never birthed onto screen, one can’t help but wonder which Hollywood executive thought this script would make a good movie.