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Supplying Answers to Economic Demands

This pain at the pump is going to worsen. The supply of fuel is going to continue to shrink and the price is going to increase to even larger outrageous numbers. The days of paying less than a dollar for a gallon of gas is kind of like the good old days, they are gone forever. In the future, when fuel supplies are near extinction, we could be paying upwards of fifty dollars a gallon. Eventually, many people in this country are not going to be able to afford to drive their cars to work anymore.
Look at fuel as a corporation that is going down. Its employees are walking out the door. The stock is getting ready to crash. The sooner you pull out your chips and invest in a car that runs on alternative fuels, the better you will be.
We’re not even suggesting that you invest in a hybrid or a more fuel efficient car to save the environment or to combat global warming. The way you treat the world is up to you. And although we would like to point out all of the devastating tornados, hurricanes, and cyclones that have been wrecking this earth as of late, we here at Asian Avenue, are not forest rangers. We’re not going to write you a ticket for not being “earth conscious.” We’re just trying to save you money.
This whole issue of searching out alternative fuel sources reminds me of an old story from the bible: Noah’s Ark. In this story Noah tries to convince the people of his town that God is going to flood the world. And despite his desperate pleas to save the lives of the people around him, his audience is not moved until after the storm hits, and it is too late.
Well friends, if you stretch your opened hand under the sky, you will feel the cold rain of the coming storm prickling against your palm. The flood is brewing in the clouds above us and bubbling in the ground below. Wars are being waged. People are dying. And regardless of what political banter these propagandists would prefer us to believe, the cause of all this misery and pain is simple. We are running out of a resource that we have become extremely addicted to.
When the price of oil barrels goes up, we complain because we are going to have to fork over more money at the pump. But believe it or not, fuel is used for more purposes than simply powering our vehicles so that we can get from point A to point B.

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