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Asian Pacific Development Center serves Colorado’s Asian community for more than 30 years

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apdc-driveThe Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the Asian American Pacific Islander community. For 30 years, APDC has been committed to providing culturally appropriate health, mental health, and related services.

APDC also understands that are barriers of language, culture, and generational issues underlying social determinants that impact well-being. So, when we addressing poverty, education, employment, and access to a plethora of different support systems, APDC contributes to the empowerment and overall health of all. APDC’s vision is for their community to be healthy and empowered.

For three decades, APDC has been a proven “safety net” for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities of Colorado. These communities are Colorado’s fastest growing ethnic minority group reaching close to 150,000. Last year alone, over 1,000 refugees from Burma, Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand came to Colorado.

Government resettlement agencies turn to APDC for its culturally competent and sensitive services to provide refugees with culturally appropriate health, mental health, interpreting services, ESL classes, youth programs, citizenship classes, sexual assault prevention, legal services and other assistance. With the ongoing, unwavering help of APDC,  these “new” Coloradans are able to settle in our state with pride.

APDC has touched and served over 15,000 children, adults and elderly. They are currently running a Capital Campaign, entitled “Our Journey Continues,” that would increase the number of direct services APDC provides and allow the organization to run a comprehensive community health clinic that provides integrated care services.

They hope to provide one primary place that staff and community can call “home.”

Four APDC locations:
1544 Elmira St. | Aurora, CO 80010 | Phone: 303-365-2959 | Fax: 303-344-4599
1551 S. Monroe St. | Denver, CO 80210 | Phone: 720-424-0694 | Fax: 303-344-4599Colorado Language Connection 303/365-2959 Ext. 114 | 1825 York St. | Denver, CO 80206 | Phone: 303-393-0304 | Fax: 303-388-1172
c/o Pikes Peak Mental Health Center Select Services, Inc. | 220 Ruskin Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 | Phone: 719-459-3947

For more information, visit

Mr. B’s Story:
One day APDC had a visit from a man small and thin, in his sixties. Mr. B came to the U.S. fifteen years ago as a temporary worker on a cruise ship. His plan was to make some money and return right back home to his wife and family. However, things didn’t quite work out as he planned.

Speaking no English, Mr. B struggled communicating with others and was often teased and picked on by his coworkers. Eventually Mr. B could not take the abuse anymore and escaped when the ship was docked. Mr. B was determined to bring back money to his family so he looked for work he could do.

He finally found a job but soon, his illegal status made him very vulnerable and he was taken advantage of causing him to not get paid for approximately 10 years. Mr. B had to live with his “boss” for several years in order to survive and to have a roof over his head, while his boss then had someone to look after him when his health condition began to deteriorate.

About three years ago, Mr. B came home from work to find his boss heavily intoxicated, who started to verbally abuse Mr. B. He said, “In my entire life, no one ever called me those kinds of names, not even my parents. I have never even heard those things that he was saying to me and I was just stunned. Just shocked.”

“He chased me down the street so I went into the parking lot and ducked behind cars to hide from him. I was so scared he might catch me and do something to hurt me. He was very drunk and I felt helpless. The next day, I started going crazy.”

After catching his breath Mr. B continued to tell his painful story. “The day after that incident, I started hearing voices. The voices kept telling me that I need to get back to my country. Even when I watch TV, all I would see on the screen is, ‘go back to your home country’ in my language. I was a sane person the day before but then all of a sudden I was crazy,” Mr. B said.

After continuing to hear the voice for a couple of years, Mr. B finally decided he needs help and called 911. He was taken to the mental health department at a hospital but with no money for transportation and clinic fees, Mr. B failed to go back to his counseling sessions and get his condition treated.

“I still hear noises. But all I want is to go back to my home country. I was never meant to stay here for this long,” Mr. B said, painstakingly. With a passport that has expired ten years ago, and no money, Mr. B came to APDC for help. The APDC was able to get Mr. B’s condition stabilized, provide food, locate temporary shelter and help him get his passport reinstated.

Mr. B has returned home to his family after fifteen years. When leaving, Mr. B left a note to the APDC staff who helped him through the process and it said, “Thank you so much for helping me go back home.” APDC was told that his family were in tears after hearing that Mr. B was on his way home. Finally.

“Mr. B” is used to protect the client’s privacy.

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