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June 2009
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Archive for 'Spotlight Profiles'

Julie Wong: A Leader’s Perspective on Higher Education Experience

Asian Avenue magazine interviewed Dr. Julie Wong of the University of Colorado at Boulder to learn about her path into higher education administration and her diversity plans and initiatives for the campus.
How did you decide to pursue a career in Higher Education Administration?
It was actually my second career. I started in recreation studies and thereafter [...]

Japanese American Colorado Native Appointed Denver County Court Judge

Nationally-ranked skier turned college business student. Turned law student. Turned private practice attorney. Turned City of Denver Judge. That is Kerry Steven Hada.
In late November, Mayor John Hickenlooper appointed Kerry Hada as Denver County Court Judge, one of the most sought after positions in the Colorado judiciary with more than 60 nominations. The appointment fills [...]

The Mastery Behind the Music

Khechog was born in Kahm Gaji, Tibet. At 54 years old, his life has taken many twists and turns – member of Tibetan guerilla army to a monk and hermit under the tutelage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to world-renowned composer and musician who lives with wife, Tsering Youdon in Boulder, Colorado.
Even though Khechog [...]

Spotlight: Namita Khanna Nariani

Anyone who has watched Mudra Dance Studio perform is left feeling energized, thoroughly entertained and simply…happy. This is a testament to the founder, dance instructor and choreographer, Namita
Khanna Nariani, whose love of dance, music and humanity is woven into every performance. With each performance, Nariani shares her message of tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness to captivated [...]

The World of Wendy Woo

In many ways, Wendy Woo is the quintessential Denver-area musician, transplanted to the area, growing up amidst the excitement and artistic innovation of Boulder in the mid-seventies, and mixing with the children of the area’s best and brightest of that time period. Her various musical incarnations have had a major impact on our music scene; [...]

Colorado Rapids’ Kosuke Kimura is a soccer pioneer

Kosuke Kimura signs autographs for fans in Japanese kanji characters.
Kosuke Kimura is low-key about being the only Japanese-born player in Major League Soccer.
“I don’t really care that much about being the only Japanese,” he says. “That was the result of my playing hard in college. It doesn’t give me much pressure.”
Then he thinks for a [...]

Profiles in Experience: Hank Eng

So often in the world of politics, candidates are drawn by the media in caricature, as mere black and white sketches of “categories” of “positions” on “issues” – if you will. The problem for writers has always been finding a way to capture the complex network of experiences that form the human personality. How does [...]