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Archive for 'Book Review'

Asian Reflections on the American Landscape: Identifying and Interpreting Asian Heritage

It was a delight to happen across a copy of this work, published by the National Center for Cultural Resources, a division of the National Park Service which is the federal agency well known for its active management of our national parks and historic landmarks.
I was impressed with the publication’s statement of truth about the [...]

Voices from Colorado: Perspectives of Asian Pacific Americans

Book Review: Voices from Colorado: Perspectives of Asian Pacific Americans
By Nestor J. Mercado, Elnora Minoza-Mercado & Alok Sarwal, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-0-615-20213-6
Voices from Colorado is a rich and well-researched resource for anyone with an interest in the complex tapestry of Asian American history and culture in the Rocky Mountain West. It is “must reading” for anyone of [...]

Adopting Kari Grady Grossman

Bones That Flloat: A Story of Adopting Cambodia sets out to tell the story of Kari Grossman and her husband George, an American couple who, frustrated by their own reproductive limits, begin a journey into the wide and seemingly pointed universe to adopt a needy Cambodian boy living in a Phnom Pen orphanage. It is [...]