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Archive for 'Chinese'

“Hapa” vs. “Mixed-Race”

Hawaiians came up with the derisive phrase, “hapa-haole” (“half-white”) to describe mix-race islanders. It’s not an insult anymore in Hawaii. Over the decades, the term “hapa” has come to refer to mixed-race Asians in general, without the stigma attached to the original meaning.
Some people still find the word offensive, and some feel that people outside [...]

Chinese Idioms and Calligraphy

Originally, this idiom comes from Analects of Qianfu. Light and Dark. It recorded: “You will be enlightened if you listen to the both sides; you will be benighted if you heed only one side.”

Chinese Idioms and Calligraphy

Everything Is Ready Except the East Wind

“East wind” here refers to an important condition or opportunity.

Cao Cao of Wei led an army 200,000 strong and intended to destroy Liu Bei of Shu and Quan of Wu at Chibi on the southern bank of the Changjiang River to unite the whole country. Liu Bei then had [...]