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Christina Guo graduated from Fu-Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan

Christina Guo graduated from Fu-Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan

Christina Yutai Guo was born in Taiwan. She graduated from Taiwan’s Fu-Jen University with a major in Mass Communication. She began her career as a reporter for a magazine, similar to America’s TV Guide, and then went on to be the Executive Editor of a magazine for CATHY, a publication company. She also helped to edit Taiwan’s first edition of the encyclopedia. Thereafter, she worked at a recording studio, Kung Mei, in public relations by writing press releases and articles promoting singers to Taiwan’s media outlets.

Before moving to the States, she got married and had two daughters and a son.  Her family emigrated to the United States, to Denver, Colorado, in 1987. Christina began serving Colorado’s Asian community in 1988, as a teacher for the Chinese Language School. She was also a board member of Colorado Chinese Club and Chinese Youth Foundation.

With a passion to serve, in 1998, she became the president of Denver Chinese Culture Center. Due to her belief in the significance of respecting elders, she introduced the Chinese Model Mother of the Year Award that recognizes outstanding moms each year during Mother’s Day. In 2007, the Asian Model Mother of the Year Award was added to acknowledge other Asian mothers in Colorado deserving of the award.

She served as the Chairperson of the Double Tenth Celebration committee 2001-2003.

She served as the Chairperson of the Double Tenth Celebration committee 2001-2003.

In 2001-2003, Christina served as the Chairperson of the Double Tenth Celebration committee, which celebrates the National Day of the Republic of China with a dinner banquet and show. Christina was also the Chairperson of the Chinese American Council of Colorado (CACC) from 2005-2006, where she organized free tax service for low-income families and also invited Academy Award-winning Director Ang Lee to speak at CACC’s 2005 annual banquet. Additionally, she hosted a Chinese book show as well as the first 9Health Fair for Denver’s Chinese community.

Upon stepping down from these leadership positions, she hoped to continue serving the Asian community with Asian Avenue magazine, which launched its first issue in July 2006.

In 2009, Christina founded a 501c3 organization, Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network (CACEN). The mission of CACEN is to promote Asian cultural education and awareness through activities that focus on aspects of Asian culture and experience in the United States. Through CACEN, she implemented the American Cultural Study Tour and Homestay Program. The program is designed for foreign students to be fully immersed in American culture, living with host families and learning about American daily life. Students participate in English language conversation classes, and explore the city with excursions and cultural tours.

In 2012, Christina established the Rocky Mountain Chinese Weekly, a weekly newspaper for Colorado’s Chinese community. To continue, Christina founded Colorado Chinese Radio Network in 2013. She hosts and produces a radio show that airs every Sunday afternoon 5:30pm to 6:00pm MST on KGNU, Boulder, Denver 88.5 FM or 1390 AM or visit This non-profit show provides service and education to the Chinese community. Topics shared include immigration, law, tax, insurance, education, health, investment, lifestyle, community event. Guests and professionals are invited to join each show to share their expertise in various subjects.

Christina with Jason Chen (left) producing a show about finances for the Colorado Chinese Radio Network.

About Christina Yutai Guo

Hobbies: Eat good food and listen to good music
Dream vacation: Europe
Strangest thing you’ve ever ate: Roasted Sparrow
Who would you love to meet: Oprah