Kate (Emilia Clarke) goes through her life aimlessly with no goals and little ambition. She struggles with her job in a year-round Christmas store. She couch surfs with several of her friends. She also avoids her family. Then, she attempts to audition for several Broadway shows but looks like a “hot mess.”

Until dashing, dapper Tom (Henry Golding) appears out of nowhere. Through her interactions with Tom, she starts seeing her world through volunteering, engaging with her family and looking for the mysterious Tom.

Of course, through film previews, movie goers can guess something tragic will unfold at the latter part of the movie. Before giving away too many details, take a break from holiday shopping and watch this holiday film that will be a Christmas classic.


Set somewhere in London, British accents add some appeal to the movie. Immigration, diversity and family acceptance are issues explored throughout the movie.

The soundtrack of George Michaels is heard throughout the movie, especially the tunes of Last Christmas. Listen to the lyrics and one can guess the story line of this movie.