Artist Spotlight: TieMei Yang

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TieMei Yang

TieMei Yang

Originally from China, TieMei Yang is a talented Chinese calligrapher who currently resides in Broomfield, Colo. Yang comes from a long line of artists. Prior to moving to Colorado, she practiced the art of calligraphy as young girl. She attended the Qingdao Craftwork Art School, Shandong Polytechnic University, and Academy of Art & Design TsingHua University. While her main mediums are calligraphy, drawing and painting, she also specializes in logo design and graphic design.

Yang’s calligraphy has been exhibited at a variety of museums, including the Beijing National Art Museum of China; Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Of San Francisco; Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the World Association of Chinese Writers in Colorado.

In her free time, Yang is often invited to participate in Asian cultural events. She enjoys teaching youth and the community at large about Chinese calligraphy and art. She has won numerous awards for her artistic achievements throughout the years and her book, The Zen in Hearts, includes 106 drawings of the disciples of Buddha.

Cool Moon Artist: TieMei Yang

Cool Moon
Artist: TieMei Yang

Poem about Ancient Music. Artist: TieMei Yang.

Poem about Ancient
Music. Artist: TieMei Yang.


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