by Fran Campbell, FACC 1st Vice President


The “Krazy Kats” Sinulog Dancers. (Photo credit: Tess Montoya)


Dressed in traditional Filipino Barongs – L-R Nestor Mercado, John Orallo, Van Simsiman. (Photo credit: Tess Montoya)

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After days and days of torrential rainfall, the clouds moved aside so the sun could shine on the 20th Annual Philippine Festival held on June 13, 2015 at the Filipino-American Community of Colorado (FACC) in Edgewater, Colorado.

The annual event—held in commemoration of Philippine independence from Spain in 1898—celebrated the music, dance and food of the Philippines; as well as the famous hospitality of the Filipino-American Community of Colorado. On stage, the

FACC Choir and Dance Troupe showcased traditional song and dances influenced by the Spanish, Moro and Indigenous cultures of the Philippines. And inside the Bahay Kubo (Cultural Center), authentic Filipino cuisine and dessert was served to eager Festival fans. The Festival was sponsored in part by SCFD of Jefferson County, the Asian Pacific Development Center, Uplift Internationale and TIAA-CREF. The FACC wishes a hearty “Maraming Salamat Po” to all the Festival supporters, volunteers and sponsors of the 20th Annual Philippine Festival. Mabuhay!