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1600 E. 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

Tel: 303.399.0988




Mon – Fri: 11am- 3pm


Mon- Fri: 3pm -10pm

Sun: 3pm – 9pm


Sat- Sun: 9am -3pm


Mon: 3pm -10pm

Tues & Sun: 3pm – 6pm

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P17 recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, but a lot has changed. About a year ago, P17’s owner and head chef, Mary Nguyen decided to rebrand “Parallel 17” from a higher end,

Asian-fusion restaurant to more of a neighborhood bistro with European and Asian influences.  “I wanted to open a neighborhood bistro with quality regional food, no pretension at great prices,” says Nguyen. “If you look at America there are so many multicultural influences from many diverse cultures. For me, P17 is a reincarnation of a real neighborhood bistro.”

So far the rebranding has been a great success, but the restaurant kept some of its old charm, including the red oning outside, and the amazing wrap around outdoor patio, perfect for summer dining. Inside, you will find a mixture of patrons, from regulars sitting at the bar for a drink and a quick bite to groups of friends catching up. Overall, the restaurant has a hip and comfortable vibe.

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P17 offers a variety of small and big plates, signature drinks, and everything in between; it also has separate lunch, dinner and brunch menus, but many of the offerings overlap. Brunch is a great time to stop by and take advantage of the bottomless mimosas for $10!

To start, try the lettuce wraps— a nod to Korean beef bulgogi with toasted sesame seeds on top for added texture, served with a side of scallions, picked vegetables, sliced apples, and butter lettuce. The combination of beef, vegetables and crispy apples wrapped inside the butter lettuce creates a nice soft and crispy burst of flavor with each bite. The duck confit tacos were also the perfect introduction to our feast, with adobo, pineapple crema, kale, cilantro, and grated cotija cheese. These plates were both fun to share and eat.


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P17’s attention to quality and fresh ingredients shine, especially in their entrees.  The trout is perfect example of this—seared whole rainbow trout served on top pf asparagus and a white bean, olive, tomato and caper salad, topped with frisee. You get a wonderful saltines from the capers that is the perfect contrast to the citrus from the lemon, the silky earthiness from the white beans, and the bitterness of the frisee. The niçoise salad is also a great choice, if you’re looking for something light and full of fresh flavors.
Ramen lovers must try the P17 Ramen, which is like the mac daddy of all ramen’s with a soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, scallions, bok choy, corn, ground pork, pork belly, ramen noodles, and chili oil. If you feel like indulging, try the roasted duck breast served over a mixture of bacon,  sweet yams, pear, walnuts, and kazoo sauce. The kazoo sauce is partially made by scrapping the film off of saki, and adding a bit of sweetness and saltness to create almost a caramel like consistency, that really ties the whole dish together. In one word: heaven.

The new bistro concept has served P17 well, and luckily for us this neighborhood bistro has the potential to be around for the long haul. See you there!


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