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Sushi Chef Steven Li joins Go Fish

South Broadway’s Go Fish has become one of Denver’s hottest sushi and sake bars. With their 8th anniversary around the corner, they have much to celebrate, along with a new location that opened earlier this year in Broomfield and the recent arrival of a new sushi chef who has worked in some of New York City’s most popular sushi restaurants. Asian Avenue magazine sat down with Chef Steven Li to chat over lunch about our shared love of sushi and his plans to take Go Fish to the next level.

AAm: How did you become a sushi chef?
Steven Li: It all started seven years ago. A friend helped me get a job in Philadelphia at a Japanese restaurant and I learned from some highly skilled chefs. I also worked for various Asian restaurants and eventually landed a coveted position at Fushimi in New York City. It was an amazing experience, I loved living in the heart of China Town as well. It was one of the happiest moments in my career, and it made me feel very accomplished.

AAm: How do you like living in the Mile High City so far?
Steven Li: Its different than anywhere that I’ve ever lived, but a change of environment is always a good thing. Above all, I’m excited to be the new chef at Go Fish, and i’m excited to transform this place to an even better sushi restaurant than it already is.

AAm: What is your favorite thing to make?
Steven Li: Everything, I just love paying attention to all the details.

AAm: What is your favorite type of sushi to eat?
Steven Li: I like the variety of specialty rolls that we offer at Go Fish, there’s so much to choose from, its hard to pick!

AAm: What have you been focusing on at Go Fish?
Steven Li: We’re currently working on developing a gluten free menu and a new happy hour menu. From there, we’re looking at developing new special rolls. I’m spending most of my time at the Broadway location, but eventually I will spend more time training our chefs at the Broomfield location. I’m excited to apply my experience and elevate things to the next level.


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