Restaurant Peek: Pho Market

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1002 S. Federal Blvd. | Denver, Colorado 80219
Tel: 720.550.7887 |

Pho Market Hours: Mon – Thu: 10am to 9pm | Fri – Sun: 10am to 10pm
Catering for parties and local events

By Annie Guo | Asian Avenue magazine

The theme you’ll find at Pho Market is “homemade.” From the iced coffee to the handmade meatballs to the hot chili oil, “we make it in-house,” says Chinh Nguyen, co-owner of the newly opened Vietnamese restaurant.

And that is what makes Pho Market unique – the extra care for quality and freshness. By making foods in-house, the restaurant controls the quality of what is served and also eliminates the ‘middleman,’ which allows Pho Market’s dishes to be at an affordable price.

During the restaurant’s soft opening on February 25, the full house of patrons sampled free food and provided feedback that many of the dishes, such as the triangle egg rolls, were unique to Denver. Specifically, they noted that the soft shell crab was one of the most flavorful and softest they have tasted.

Since the restaurant’s official grand opening, three days later on February 28, Pho Market has been serving delicious pho noodle bowls, rice bowls, fresh salads and boba smoothies on South Federal Boulevard, the pho hub of Denver. The new restaurant brings competition to the area, not just for pho but other authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Goi Bo Bop Tha is one of the many fresh salads Pho Market offers; this one includes fresh and tender medium rare beef. The Vit La Lot, grilled duck wrapped in basil leaves, is a special off-the-menu item that is hard to find in Denver. Bun Bo Hue, a popular Vietnamese soup with rice vermicelli and beef, is one of Pho Market’s best sellers, selling just as much as the bowls of pho.

With its new, double filtered-water system, the pho broth is cooked overnight and prepared as early as 7 a.m. each morning. This helps to maintain a clean broth all the way through.

With this elevated level of care, the staff also brews the coffee and allows it to sit, days in advance, which gives more flavor and texture.

Nguyen, in partnership with his fiancée Quynh Nguyen and mother-in-law, and Thuy Le (owner of Chez Thuy in Boulder) says while Pho Market already delivers a wide selection, the restaurant will soon launch an extended menu that includes family dinner options.

The restaurant’s ambiance is modern and warm; it welcomes families and couples alike. Nguyen says, “Here, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a date.”

Lastly, when asked how the chili oil is made, Nguyen says “it is soaked with house ingredients and is a teary process.” You cannot get it anywhere else, so be sure to ask for it!


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