Culture Shock 2014

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By Ben Nguyen | Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc.


This year’s sixth annual Culture Shock showcased a number of different talents and cultures that riveted the stage while speaking to theme of “We Are The Future.”

First to appear was a Folklorico group that recently started up at University of Colorado Boulder through the dance department with the help and instruction of Sara Roybal. Folklorico is a dance that originated in Mexico with European, African, and indigenous influences.

Next to perform was Travis Kiatoukaysi (TK), a senior at CU-Boulder. With passion and creativity, TK delivered a spoken word piece about his roots and history of the Hmong people. Bollywood Barbies entered next, portraying South Asian culture via different styles of dance from the region of Gujrat, Punjab, and a dance comprised of various modern styles.

Following that act, Anita Phu & Kai Davis performed a Cantonese song with singing and guitar. They shared the different Chinese dialects through their performance. Last year’s winning performers Amida Tank took the stage again. The b-boy team consists of Amida Crew and Worm Tank with members that are both current and graduated students of CU-Boulder. They believe that b-boying is an art and a lifestyle that embeds community. As a finale, Kinjaz performed their style of mixing music and urban-dancing to artfully tell a story. Jeni Suk then serenaded the crowd to a close with her smooth style of music. With the final performances and each group explaining how they connected to the future, one had to be chosen as the winner; and the winner of the sixth annual Culture Shock was TK!


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