VienneMilano: Luxury Hosiery brand launches Spring/Bridal Collection

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Multiverse Commerce LLC has announced the launch of VienneMilano’s Spring/Bridal collection, which features a variety of premium materials that are used, including beautifully hand crafted floral patterns, spring colors and models. All products are made in Italy exclusively for VienneMilano and are imported directly from Milan. VienneMilano caters to sophisticated women who are involved with a bridal party. Women who wear VienneMilano are those who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful and sexy at a wedding. VienneMilano is also the perfect gift for fashionable bridesmaids who enjoy high end products.

Rather than using a traditional elastic bands, VienneMilano uses a silicone band which makes the thigh high longer lasting and comfortable to use. All of the bands are embellished by a beautifully lacey pattern. Brides will also find VienneMilano thigh highs to be reinforced with an invisible toe, allowing her to select whatever type of shoe to wear for her special day. The center stage for the VienneMilano Spring/Bridal Collection will come from its seductive garter belt that is easy to apply. Compared to a traditional garter belt, the VienneMilano garter belt is made with an interlocking hook that makes it smoother to use, and very appropriate for the honeymoon.

Prices range between $29 and $59 per pair, positioning VienneMilano in the luxury department. At the same time, this price range also allows it to be more affordable than the incumbent top hosiery brands. VienneMilano’s products will be sold exclusively online on and will ship free to all customers in the USA. High end women will be thrilled to receive this from her friends at bridal showers or bachelorette parties as each pair of VienneMilano’s are packaged in a beautifully crafted purple box.

VienneMilano is a story of love for fashion. Braving the economy, VienneMilano’s founder, Vienne Cheung, left a career in product management to follow her true passion. She traveled throughout Italy to select the best suppliers and to source the most exquisite materials. She put relentless care into designing each product as well as their innovative packaging. “Stockings are a true fashion complement as they can define the outfit in every occasion” says Vienne Cheung. “By wearing thigh highs, a woman gains a little glamorous secret that provides her with that extra boost of confidence.”

VienneMilano is the first luxury brand and online store devoted exclusively to thigh highs stockings made in Italy. Under the umbrella of Multiverse Commerce, VieneMilano launched its first collection in November 2011. All products are sold exclusively online on and ship to customers worldwide. For more information, contact Vienne Cheung, Founder of VienneMilano at [email protected] or 855-855-6585.

Multiverse Commerce is a trading company that sources specialty items from top-quality international suppliers and distributes them in the USA through dedicated online micro-stores as well as traditional online and offline channels. Founded in 2009, Multiverse Commerce is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit


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