Singles Mingle attracts young Asian Americans to meet and greet

asianave January 2, 2013 Comments Off

SinglesMingle“Searching for love” is the name of the game. Dozens of young Asian Americans on that search attended Asian Avenue magazine’s third annual Singles Mingle event on Sunday, Dec. 2. Set up in a speed dating format, men and women were given four minutes to meet with each member of the opposite sex before moving on to the next. First impressions may be everything, as they then turned in a sheet of paper marking “yes” or “no” to each person they met that evening.

After the event, each participant was sent an e-mail indicating those they received a mutual yes with. They were able to follow up and contact each other as they wish. Many matches were made and hopefully relationships will transpire. Due to such high interest in this event, Asian Avenue magazine will be hosting another Singles Mingle in February 2013 in celebration of Singles Awareness Day. More information to come in our next issue.


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