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Wystone57323 W Alaska Dr. | Lakewood, CO 80226
Tel: 303-663-5775 |
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am to 9pm | Sat: 8am to 9pm | Sun: 8am to 6pm

Walking into Wystone’s World Teas for the first time you might not know what to expect, but after your experience you will get the sense that owner Wy Livingston is on to something big. Located in the Belmar shopping center, Wystone’s has become a prime destination for Mahjong clubs, meetings, social gatherings, and dates alike. To learn about owner Wy Livingston is to understand how this unique tea café came about.

Before opening in June of 2008, Livingston worked as a corporate executive, but she always had a passion for food. She wanted to turn that passion into a business. Upon a suggestion that she should consider the tea industry, Wy spent two years traveling across the world documenting in a journal all the types of tea houses she visited in cities like Paris and countries like Japan. After compiling her research, she fell in love with tea and decided to open her own modern-day tea house where almost everything on the menu is inspired by tea.

Wystone’s World Teas has two immense menus, one for the teas and cocktails and one for the food. Trying to figure out what to select can be overwhelming, but the very knowledgeable and friendly staff are eager to help you find what’s right for you. Wystone’s offers more than 150 types of teas and blends, each of which provide different attributes. For example, the Chocolate Blast is a high caffeine power tea blend which boosts energy, focus, vitality, performance and helps with weight control. The chocolate infused herbal tea is a perfect pre-workout drink. If you’re wanting to relax, then the Mango Pear is a great choice. This fruity white tea is low on caffeine, high on antioxidants, and is heart healthy. The drink options don’t stop there—Wystone’s also serves a variety of tea infused cocktails like the Jasmine Blossom which blends jasmine tea, champagne, orange juice and Chambord liqueur.

The café also provides a variety of healthy foods that Livingston and her chefs have creatively infused with tea. The popular Grilled Pear Salad has a honey spiced rooibos dressing that is topped with lapsang-brined chicken breast. There is a wide selection of paninis and tea trays filled with fresh fruits, scones, artisans cheeses, crackers, and a variety of tea sandwiches. These come in gluten-free options as well. All of these dishes are unique in their own way but the one that stands out the most is the Green Tea Pho Noodle Bowl.

Wystone’s twist on this Vietnamese classic uses vegetarian Japanese Sencha broth to create rich complex flavors which is only enhanced by the aroma of the green tea.

Wystone’s World Teas can also be found at Whole Foods Market and places like the Copper Mountain ski resort and on 16th Street Mall. They have also created special blends for specific organizations as well as party favors for special occasions such as weddings. For the upcoming Chinese New Year, the cafe will celebrate by discounting all of their Chinese teas by 50 percent.

They have a special Valentine’s dinner for two and will be participating in Denver’s Restaurant Week, beginning on Feb. 23. Wystone’s focus is to educate people on the health benefits, the different varieties and preparations of their teas and to show how tea can be a way of life.


Specialty Omelette – The Alaska $10
Smoked Atlantic salmon, red onion, roasted red pepper, lemon-caper cream cheese

Breakfast Tea Tray $22
Three layered tiers of breakfast favorites: panini, brioche French toast, fresh fruit, scones and Kenyan tea roasted potatoes

Grilled Pear Salad $8
Field greens, grilled pears, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, parmesan, honey spiced rooibos dressing

Roasted Pork Tenderloin $13
Lapsang-brined pork tenderloin, vegetable fried rice, roasted red pepper sauce

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