Restaurant Peek: Wasabi Roll & Go

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Restaurant Peek: Wasabi Roll & Go

2076 S. University Blvd. Denver, CO 80210
Tel: 303.282.6400
HOURS: 11AM – 10PM

By Annie Guo, Asian Avenue magazine


To describe Wasabi Roll & Go in three words, it is healthy, trendy and affordable. Wasabi Roll & Go brings a unique concept to Denver. The restaurant offers fast, on-the-go sushi with the option of creating customized sushi rolls. What an amazing experience to be able to decide what goes into each bite of your fishy delight.

Patrons can choose from a variety of rice, protein (such as salmon, tuna, shrimp or chicken), vegetables, house-made sauces, and signature toppings.

Wasabi Roll & Go, located near the University of Denver, is the third Wasabi Sushi in Colorado—with many more in Missouri.
Its new take on Japanese cuisine is similar to other on-the-go eateries, in which your order is made behind a counter before your very eyes, only it’s the first of its kind for sushi.

“I’ve always been thinking about this concept,” says J.W. Lee, Principal of Wasabi.

“I think that right now the market, needs this. The customers have been trained out there. With all the Subways and Chipotles, people know what to expect.”

Wasabi Roll & Go is convenient for students who need to get in and out quickly. Students can order by phone or online and pick up their food; they can also choose from the Grab & Go section, a refrigerated area with pre-made sushi rolls and bottled drinks. The eatery also offers various rice bowls that are just as popular as the sushi.

Recently opened on September 16, the restaurant already has many regular customers.

“We already have repeat customers which means it’s been approved and that people like it,” says Lee. “They are comfortable and they are having fun.”

Lee has more than 20 years of cooking experience with training in Japan and Korea. He created many of the Wasabi recipes.
Other items on the menu are gyoza, edamame, seaweed salad, and miso soup. Japanese cuisine, in general, is considerably healthy.

“The state of Colorado is health-conscious, so we need something like this,” says Lee.

For refreshments, Wasabi Roll & Go sells coffee, hot tea, and boba drinks (smoothies). The restaurant will soon offer Chinese and Japanese draft beer, making it a great spot to study, to hang out or to wind down.

“If we created this restaurant ten years ago, it probably wouldn’t have worked. But now people are ready for this kind of concept, especially in Denver.”


Wasabi Roll & Go offers fast, on-the-go sushi with the option of creating customized sushi rolls.


Cucumber, avocado, crab mix, jalapeno, cilantro, and asparagus roll with seared spicy tuna. Topped with masago and scallion.

Cucumber, cream cheese, asparagus, mushroom, shrimp tempura roll covered with fresh avocado. Topped with wasabi guacamole.

Smoked squid and tako salad with chopped avocado, cucumber, cilantro, mushroom, and bell pepper. With spicy chili sauce, sesame oil, masago scallion & crunch.

Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy shrimp with mushroom, jalapeno, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, chili pepper, sesame oil and crunch.

433 South Teller St. Lakewood, CO 80226 | Tel: 303.935.8888
12073 E. Arapahoe Rd, #140 Centennial, CO 80112 | Tel: 303.708.0888


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