Restaurant Peek: V3 Vegetarian Food

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By: Anhhai Peter Bui | Asian Avenue magazine

V3 Vegetarian Food | 333 S. Federal Blvd. #125
Denver, CO 80219
Tel: 303.922.5775
HOURS: Mon – Sat: 8am to 7pm | Closed Wednesday | Sun: 10am to 7pm

Vegetarian and vegan only restaurants are generally hard to find, but one that serves a 100% vegan Vietnamese cuisine is unheard of. That’s where V3 has taken notice and has become the first establishment in Denver to fill that void. Located in the Far East Center off Federal Boulevard, V3 sits next to V2 Event Center and across from Viet’s Restaurant or V1. This was the strategic placement of its owner, Hiep Thai, who found the benefit in operating all three restaurants in close proximity.


Most people, given the choice of a vegan meal or one containing meat would choose the latter. In fact, Thai himself is not vegetarian, but being Buddhist, he understands how important vegetarian/vegan options are for others. Opening V3 was an opportunity for him to fulfill his spiritual calling and to help give back to his community. He often uses his restaurant to provide meals to the local Buddhist temples and donates food to raise money for the temples.

With its cafeteria-style service, all of the dishes at V3 are made from family recipes. Thai himself is a chef and helps prepare many of the dishes found on the menu. 100% vegan means there is absolutely zero animal products including dairy. Vegan dishes can sometimes taste like they are missing something, but that is not the case here.

Like the combination sautéed vegetables and tofu dish, it is delicious, served with crisp fresh vegetables and different types of tofu. The clear noodles and tofu stir fried with vegetables is very light, similar to the Korean chap chae dish. The spring rolls filled with imitation pork taste as good as any of its meat-filled versions. All of the dishes tasted fresh but very filling because of the healthy ingredients.

These are just a few of the many nutritious and tasty items found on V3’s menu. Other dishes include a variety of vegetables, imitation meat, tofu and salads. The dessert menu features yogurt, steamed yucca, coconut, yams, glutiness rice balls, fried bananas and even a tofu dessert!

On a late Sunday afternoon, only one week after V3’s Lunar New Year grand opening on February 10, a steady stream of patrons flowed through the restaurant—many stopping in for the first time. They expressed their joy that a vegan restaurant had finally opened, and after tasting many of the dishes it was clear to see why. Not everyone can commit to the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but V3’s delicious and affordable menu presents a persuasive reason to give vegetarian foods a try.


100% Vegetarian
Eggplant grilled topped with bora $2.95
Vegetarian Spring Roll $3.50
Tomato topped with imitation pork $3.95
Vegetarian Spring Roll $4.50
Bamboo shoot and tofu sauteed $4.95
Gluten stir-fried with lemongrass $5.95
Rice noodles & imitation seasoned pork $6.50
Slices of imitation catfish sauteed $6.95

Soy Milk $2.50
Coconut Juice $2.50
Boba (Avocado, Lichi, Mango, etc.) $3.50
Sweet Corn Dessert $2.50
Glutinous Rice Balls $2.00
3 Color Dessert $3.50
Deep Fried Banana $4.50


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