Restaurant Peek: Pho Saigon

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Pho Saigon
12033 N. Pecos St. | Westminster, CO 80234
Tel: 303-252-9000 |Open 10AM to 9PM Daily


With the winter season upon us, a steaming bowl of pho always makes for a great meal. There’s no question to why you’ll find pho restaurants packed with people during those especially cold days, and Pho Saigon is up to the task.

Owner and manager Tuan Vo had always wanted to open his own restaurant but didn’t have the opportunity, until he recently secured the right resources and location.

Since Pho Saigon’s grand opening six months ago, they’ve seen many patrons experiencing Vietnamese cuisine for the first time. Vo notes that an important part of operating a restaurant is not only the food, but the customer service which his staff takes seriously.

They educate new diners on how to eat the Vietnamese dishes and what sauces are on the table. One example is that they teach the customers to use the lettuce to make a wrap out of the egg rolls, veggies and rice noodles.

Then there’s the amazing and pungent nuoc mam or fish sauce. Now, to most palates, this flavor profile and smell might be overwhelming but it is great in enhancing flavors once you know how to use it.

Pho Saigon’s nuoc mam marries perfectly with their bun dac biet (combination rice bowl) which is vermicelli rice noodles topped with grilled pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, egg rolls and fresh vegetables. The same could be said about the com dac biet or combination rice plate.

If you’re not sure what pho is, you can read the origins of this popular dish on all of Pho Saigon’s menus.

All of the recipes come from Vo’s family. The pho recipe itself goes back to his aunt’s pho restaurant in Vietnam.

The restaurant previously in the space was also a pho establishment, but with a poor reputation. Vo has worked hard to let people know that this isn’t the same mediocre restaurant. He believes anyone can run a pho restaurant but not everyone can run it right, in which he holds Pho Saigon to the highest standards of quality and service.


Combination Pho Bowl


Pho – Rice Noodle Soup
Choice of: Chicken, Meatball, Rare Steak, Tripe, Well-done Flank, Tendon, Well-done Brisket, Shrimp, Seafood
Small $6.35 | Medium $7.35 | Large $8.35

Spring Rolls with Shrimp & Pork (2) $3.95
Vietnamese Egg Rolls with Vegetables and Vermicelli Noodles $5.95
Vietnamese Chicken Salad $7.95

Rice Noodle Bowls
Grilled Chicken $7.95
Grilled Shrimp in Lemongrass $8.95
Stir-Fried Egg Noodle with Seafood $10.95


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