By Peter Bui, Asian Avenue magazine

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Many things at first glance look deceptively simple, but in instances like Glaze’s Baum Cake that is far from the truth. Owner Heather Alcott and her shoppe Glaze have brought the intricate Baum Cake to Denver from across the world and their journey, too, was far from simple.

Baumkuchen is German for “tree cake” or “log cake” because of its concentric cake rings; nearly 100 years ago it made its way from Germany to Japan. Since its inception in Japan, this popular treat has been traditionally bought to celebrate milestones such as birthdays or anniversaries. The rings of the Baum Cake represent time like the annual rings on a tree. While living in Asia, Heather was intrigued by the Baum Cake and began conjuring up ways to bring the multi-layered cake to the States.

There were many challenges in order to reach Alcott’s goal but getting the “Red Dragon” oven shipped over from Japan was the biggest, literally. The Red Dragon is a 2,200-pound rotisserie, spit oven that is six feet tall and five feet wide. Arriving by boat and traveling across the country to Denver, the oven, which is similar to the size of a car, is the only one of its kind in the U.S. This oven can bake up to 90 cakes at a time on its six rotating spigots.

Each Baum Cake is unique in its flavor and appearance. The Original Baum Cake is a vanilla cake with a rum or limoncello glaze, the Matcha Green Tea Baum Cake is made with the high-est quality Matcha imported from Japan and when paired with the limoncello glaze, it is sublime. These also come in Duo Baum Cakes, which combine two flavors like Original and Matcha or Original and Chocolate.

The Baum Cakes also come in two different sizes with the full size combining 21 layers of goodness and the mini having 13-15 layers. No matter the size, each cake is made with the highest quality ingredients from premium almond flour to the freshest local Colorado produce. All of these ingredients collectively create a delicious cake. Each bite is just sweet enough on the palate to make you crave more. The flavors are light and subtle enough that one could get carried away bite after bite, but the layers and method of baking create a dense cake which makes each piece satisfying.

Glaze_MatchaThe features of the Mount Baum Cakes are reminiscent of the Pyrénées mountains; the exterior is crispy and its inner layers provide a chewy texture. A delicious cup of Matcha Latte with almond or soy milk is a perfect accompaniment to any of the excellent cakes or pastry like Glaze’s Matcha Macarons or Baum Bites. While The Baum Cake Shoppe opened only three months ago, it has quickly become the talk of the town for its spectacular variety of goodies.

Original Baum Cake $18
Premium vanilla, accented with a lemony, almond flour base creates a soft, buttery cake, enhanced with a rum or limoncello glaze

Matcha Green Tea Baum $23
Premium Matcha green tea imported from Japan creates a subtle blend of the highest grade

Mount Baum Cake Ring $12
Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the
inside, this cake is dusted with fine, pow- dered sugar drizzled with Cointreau

Cake Roll $9
Cake Rolls are delicately filled with buttercream, rolled, and glazed with Callebaut Belgian chocolate or Limon- cello glaze

Macaron $2
Delicious, gluten-free Macarons are made from scratch filled with ganache or buttercream