Pacific Ocean Marketplace to open in Aurora: Leasing business space in shopping center

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POMThe long-awaited Pacific Ocean Marketplace in Aurora has commenced its renovation and expansion. This will be the third Pacific Ocean supermarket outlet in Colorado with two other locations in Denver and Broomfield.

By Christmas of this year, the renovation project that will take over a vacant Albertsons space is expected to be complete and the supermarket open for business.

The development project costs more than $9 million. This will be the largest Pacific Ocean supermarket in Colorado, located at 12203 E. Mississippi Avenue in Aurora. The entire mall strip is 100,000 square feet, nearly twice as large as its Denver location. The large area for the supermarket itself is also unprecedented at 54,000 square feet. The remaining 46,000 square feet will be available for businesses and shops to lease. A design plan of the Mississippi Avenue Plaza will soon be in place for public viewing.

This is a special interview with the Pacific Ocean Marketplace Chairman Trong Lam.

Asian Avenue: Congratulations on your new location, Mr. Lam.
Chairman Lam: Thank you for your interest in this project. We are grateful for all the patrons that love our supermarket. We thank the local government, departments, banks, and Aurora Square for discussing and supporting the development of the supermarket in Aurora.

Asian Avenue: How will the new location be different?
Chairman Lam: The Aurora supermarket will be our biggest location. We will operate with a 37,500-square-foot supermarket for dry foods area. In comparison to the Denver and Broomfield Square shopping centers, the Aurora location will increase 16,500 square feet of space for merchandise, gifts, and household utensils. People who go to the supermarket buy almost all their daily necessities such as food. We are excited to meet the needs of all our shoppers. Second, the market has a large area for a seafood tank pool. In addition to lobster, crab, tilapia, and oysters, we will add more live seafood such as fresh shrimp and fish, in order to supply for our customers who like to eat seafood as well as upscale restaurants’ needs.

Asian Avenue: How do businesses lease the available space?
Chairman Lam: For rental shops, Lin, there are rental areas 800 feet up to 20,000 feet. We will also have secretarial answering services and shared conference rooms for rent. Sizes range from 240 feet to 400 feet. The space is especially suitable for business professionals. The larger the area, the cheaper the rent per foot. We welcome all professional brokers to bring tenants to visit. We will pay for professional brokerages. There will also be someone to take care of the rental property, maintenance and management of the shopping center. They will facilitate communication with the tenants to provide better service. We welcome large banquet-style restaurants, snack shops and fine restaurants. Mall tenants will provide heating, cooling and electricity through the water for the shops, which will save a lot of start-up costs.

Asian Avenue: What kind of businesses would be best?
Chairman Lam: We particularly welcome restaurants for Korean barbecue, Japanese sushi, Vietnamese or Thai, or any Asian cuisine. Other food-related businesses are fast food, sandwiches, or cold drinks. The mall area is also suitable for banks, telephone or electrical maintenance, beauty and fashion. Professional specialty shops such as wedding photography, leisure, gold and silver jewelry are also appropriate. Interested parties are welcome to visit the mall in Aurora or to inquire about the lease. Please call: Trong Lam at 720-394-5668, 303-936-4845 or Steve Liang at 303-410-8168.


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