Denver universities work together to increase the educational options for business students

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CHU students take time out of their studies to have fun at the main university entrance.

CHU students take time out of their studies to have fun at the main university entrance.

A recent collaboration now provides the opportunity for Colorado Heights University (CHU) students desiring to study Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management or Marketing to transfer business core and general studies credits toward a Bachelor of Science degree at Metropolitan State University (MSU Denver).

The agreement is reciprocal in that CHU readily accepts business credits from MSU Denver that apply to the CHU international business degree program.

Gantulga Ganbaatar Class of 2013, CHU MBA graduate

Gantulga Ganbaatar
Class of 2013, CHU MBA graduate

Encourages greater diversity
“This partnership focuses on removing perceived barriers to education, while encouraging greater diversity of ideas and backgrounds in our programs,” said Ann Murphy, dean of the MSU Denver School of Business.

Gantulga Ganbaatar, 28, from Mongolia, a recent CHU graduate said, “My studies definitely broadened my horizon of knowledge about almost everything.”

These two universities are very different. MSU Denver has more than 22,000 students and offers 55 majors. CHU, on the other hand, has around 400 students, most of them international and first-generation college students coming from roughly 50 different countries of origin (including many countries in Asia), speaking more than 40 languages.

More personalized support for students
This agreement is especially appealing to international students that may need additional English language instruction to compete at an American university.

CHU offers a 12-month intensive English course that prepares students to pass the TOEFL® exam upon completion. CHU’s small size and individualized approach can make a difference to those needing time to transition to a new culture, a university level environment and possibly a new language.

Reduced tuition for international and nonresident students
CHU’s flat rate tuition can provide a low cost option and starting point for students who wish to earn an MSU Denver business degree. By initially attending CHU, the high cost of nonresident status can be averted for almost four semesters before transferring to MSU Denver for the final degree-specific courses.

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