Q&A with Christina Choi

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Q: What is Christina Choi Cosmetics?
A: Christina Choi Cosmetics is a fresh new line of cosmetics based in San Francisco. CCC contains the highest quality ingredients and has amazing pigments that provide long lasting color.

Q: What is your story?
A: I’m Korean, born and raised in San Francisco, California. My grandma raised me and she has been such a positive role model in my life and still is today. At 85 years old she continues to have the strongest work ethic and always takes the best care of herself.

When I was working for Bare Escentuals as the National Artist and Designer of Makeup Artistry, I traveled the country performing thousands of makeovers on women over the years. During those 16 years, I helped women of all different backgrounds, but I especially helped Asian American women with their beauty needs. I noticed a pattern.

A lot of Asian women had the same struggles with makeup. They didn’t really know how to put it on in a way that would enhance their eyes and face. Women felt hopeless and uninspired with their beauty routine or lack thereof. I found so much joy educating Asian American women with my artistry expertise and helping them understand how to see their unique beauty. This inspired me to start my cosmetic line where I can continue to share this message and embrace Asian American beauty in a new way.


Q: What products are offered by CCC?
A: The line consists of eyeshadows ranging from earthy neutrals to vibrant bold shades that are infused with vitamins C & E that can be used wet or dry. The Luxury Gloss collection contains argan oil, aloe, and vitamins that leave your lips feeling smooth and hydrated. Our custom eye brushes offers amazing artistry for all different eye shapes. We just launched with our BB Cream with SPF 30. Our BB Cream is a one-stop shop for perfecting your skin. It’s a must!

Q: What is your mission?
A: “Celebrate your unique beauty” is our mantra. It’s my mission to help empower women from all different backgrounds and ethnicities through my cosmetic line, my knowledge, and artistry expertise. Whenever I’m developing something for my line, I’m always thinking about how this will help Asian American women with their beauty needs.

Q: Tips for Asian American women?
A: Work with your natural eye shape and learn how to enhance them. I developed brushes that specifically work with Asian eye shapes. For example, I developed the Deluxe Stamp Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, and Bullet Crease Brush for Asian eye shapes that may have a smaller crease or no crease line at all.

Another tip is to naturally define your eyebrows using a medium or light brown shade as opposed to using black when defining your eyebrows. Using black shades in their brows can weigh down the eyes, creating a harsh look. It also can turn a grey or green tint to your brows which is not what you want.

I highly recommend using Namu or Chai Eyeshadow from my line which are medium toned shadows that create a soft and naturally defined look to your brows and applying it with the Perfect Liner Brush. You will be surprised how using softer colors in the eyebrows will instantly give you an eye lift!

Visit www.youtube.com/choicosmetics to watch Christina’s makeup tutorials that show you step-by-step instructions on how to work with the products.


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