West Gate instills focus, work ethic into local martial arts community

asianave January 17, 2012 0

West Gate Kung Fu

3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150
Boulder, CO 80301
Tel: 303-444-3702
Web: www.westgateboulder.com

Local martial arts students discovered a new school to practice the ancient Chinese art of Kung Fu, and not only have their bodies strengthened and their abilities improved, but they’ve gained valuable life skills.

“Sifu Adam has been an amazing influence on my son Quinn… Adam has instilled patience, work ethic, confidence, and enthusiasm in our energetic but shy child, while still making each session fun and cool. Sifu Adam has a true gift with kids. I would highly recommend West Gate Kung Fu,” said Neal, a West Gate student.

Another student, Scott Bartell, said, “As a graduate student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Bagua and Qi-Gong studies have [given me] greater sensitivity and awareness of my own Qi and the Qi around me. I also find my alertness and focus in classes is greater.”

Sifu Adam Reed, student of Grandmaster Johnny Lee (Lee Kwong Ming) and 2002 World Jing Wu Gold Medalist in Staff and Spear, launched West Gate in Boulder last year, and the school has already participated in local community events like Great Wall Academy’s Lunar New Year Celebration, Purple Ginger Asian Fusion’s New Year Dinner, and the Dish Network Global Trade Show in Denver. Their lion dance performance features the shaggy “Northern Lions” of Beijing. Sifu Gary Choi, a southern style Kung Fu teacher at Great Wall Academy, is one of the lion performers.

Outside of West Gate, Reed is an attorney and research faculty member at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI). Every weeknight, Reed looks forward to teaching. “It’s the highlight of my day. I’m very passionate about Chinese martial arts and am lucky to be surrounded by dedicated and wonderful students.”

With small class sizes, West Gate aims to help students reach their potential. “Our classes combine the discipline and hard work of traditional training with a friendly and fun atmosphere where all are welcome,” Reed said.

West Gate Kung Fu offers classes in three traditional Chinese martial arts: Wu Style Tai Chi, Fu Style Bagua, and Mizong Luohan. A children’s Kung Fu Class is available for boys and girls, ages 5 to 11. Anyone may try one month free with no obligation to purchase.

More information is available at www.westgateboulder.com. To schedule an interview with Adam Reed, please call 303-444-3702 or email [email protected].

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