Spotlight: Ray Young Chu, artist

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On Dec. 3rd, Super Ordinary Gallery in Denver officially opened the art exhibit “BEGINNING BEFORE,” a compilation of artwork by Ray Young Chu. Now living in California, Asian Avenue magazine interviewed the artist originally from Colorado.

What is your background growing up in Denver and moving to California?
I got expelled at Skyview High School in Thornton for doing graffiti. I graduated at Metropolitan State College of Denver with a graphic design degree and moved out to Huntington Beach in 2008 because of my art. I’m Korean American with parents whose house smells like kimchee and moth balls.

How did you get into art?
My dad got me into watercolors and oil painting growing up. I drew lots of Transformers, Garfield and Spiderman as well.

What art forms do you typically use?
My main art form is painting but I like using everything from photo manipulation, animation, design and other mediums if it expresses the message better.

What are some of the clients you have worked with and what products did you produce?
Clothing ( for Urban Outfitters; mural painting for Ford; live painting for Mountain Dew, illustrations and designs for DJ Qbert, Gym Class Heroes and Chrome.
What do you love most about art?
The freedom to do whatever I want to do and to wake up Monday morning looking forward to working in my pajamas.

How does the Colorado art scene compare to California?
California is a big place and has a lot of resources so I’m still discovering the vast art communities. Colorado has a good variety of personable, growing art communities and its own styles are produced because of it. I don’t even feel like I know all the cool spots in Colorado but here are a few:
• Super Ordinary Gallery – Living gallery warehouse space owned by Tran and Josh Wills.
• Queen Anne’s Bed & Breakfast – Works with local artists and amazing meals.
• Berger & Föhr – Great design firm.
• Indyink – Independent screen printers shop.
• Plastic Chapel – Cool toy store.
• David B. Smith Gallery – Sweet gallery.
• Illiterate Gallery – Another sweet gallery.
• Change the Thought – Another great design and motion graphics firm.
There’s a lot of artists that are doing a lot in Denver and it’s neat to see them grow.

What goals do you have for the future?
To reach the masses through merchandise, show art around the country and the world.

Visit for more information and to view Ray Young Chu’s artwork.

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