Spotlight: Dr. Karng Log is an oncologist that provides support beyond patient care

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By: Patricia Kaowthumrong, Asian Avenue magazine

Karng Log, DO 
South Denver Cancer Specialists
10103 Ridgegate Parkway, Ste. 106 | Lone Tree, CO 80124
Tel: 720-956-5800

Although oncology can seem like a bleak branch of medicine, oncologist Karng Log sees things more positively.

“I really enjoy interacting with patients and helping them make the most out of a bad situation,” said Dr. Log, who recently opened South Denver Cancer Specialists at Sky Ridge Medical Center in June.

It is his first year practicing medicine, and he is more than happy to spend it in Colorado. His brand-new practice treats individuals with blood and cancer disorders and blood abnormalities.

The Colorado native attended George Washington High School and the University of Colorado in Boulder before heading to the Kansas City University of Medicine for this medical degree. He said he received offers to practice in other states, but wanted to call Colorado home even if it meant sacrificing his career.

Dr. Log said he offers “comfort before care,” and does the best he can to help patients and their families with the emotional aspects of the disease. It gives him piece of mind to know he has done with best he can with patients no matter the outcome of the disease.

“Patients with cancer don’t choose to have the disease,” he said. “Cancer diagnoses have the ability to change and alter people lives more than other diseases.”

Dr. Log said he often sees a change in patients after diagnosis; many create bucket lists or gain motivation. He enjoys seeing families interact and support one another. Witness the fragility of life in his profession has also inspired him to create his own bucket list and live each day to the fullest.

“Anything can happen on any given day. If I create one memory a day, I feel like I’ve done something,” he said. “I love traveling and photography because they help us remember memories.”

Dr. Log calls himself a foodie, a Colorado sports team enthusiast and an avid traveler. He and his wife of five years love visiting different destinations as possible; Dr. Log’s latest favorites are Manchu Picchu and the Galapagos. He also likes sharing his philosophy with patients and believes that disease should not keep you from doing things you enjoy.

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