Single in the City: Denver’s Asian American Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

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Singles Mingle – Speed Dating
Sunday, December 4th | 5pm to 7pm | Cost: $5
Volcano Asian Cuisine | 10440 E Arapahoe Rd | Centennial, CO 80112
Round-robin style | Appetizers will be served | Have a little fun
RSVP to [email protected], 303.937.6888 or on Facebook.

Denver has made several “America’s Best Cities for Singles” lists over the last few years. Perhaps it’s the opportunities to find companionship over a local microbrew at a welcoming pub or trekking through the wonderful outdoors that draws individuals to The Mile High City. Nonetheless, the city is the perfect place for high-energy individuals seeking professional and personal opportunities to thrive. Let Asian Avenue play ‘wingman’ as we introduce you to Denver’s most eligible Asian American singles.

Have you met Pakou?
Pakou Xiong, 27
Former Program Coordinator at Asian Pacific Development Center and Co-Chair of Miss Asian American Colorado

As an activist, Xiong said her passion for her work in the community is a large part of her identity. Her work to promote unity and cultural understanding has created many lifelong relationships with people in the Asian community that she finds priceless.

Xiong describes herself as open, caring and efficient. She loves spending time with her family, cooking and traveling to culturally unique destinations. She’d like meet an educated individual that could learn things from her as well as teach her new things. Her perfect date would be a well-planned excursion that is both personal and creative. Don’t just take her to dinner and a movie.

Qualities that impress her: Ambitious, open-minded, cultured, determined, educated and open to new things.
Her turn-offs: Laziness. “I just can’t stand being lazy.”
She couldn’t live without: Her friends and family.
Words to live by: “If I can get through this, I can get through anything.”

Have you met Evan?
Evan Kim, 30
Currently studying Master of Divinity at Denver Seminary

Kim has called Colorado home since he moved to the state from Pennsylvania in 1985. After several career changes, he was called into the Ministry. When he’s not studying Hebrew and Greek or working with students at Denver Seminary, Kim enjoys spending time with friends and jogging. Kim describes himself as easy-going and goofy; his friends refer to him as “The Gentle Giant.”

He can’t get enough of Diet Coke and American barbecue. Although he isn’t currently looking to date, Kim would enjoy the company of Godly woman with an open schedule he could share some good food with.

Qualities that impress him: Patience and graciousness.
His turn-offs: People who are too passive. “Someone who is critical is good; overly critical is bad.”
He couldn’t live without: The Bible.
Words to live by: “Not I, but Christ in me.”

Have you met Tom?
Tom Wagenlander, 27
Associate Director at Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime

Wagenlander said people often mistake him for someone with a serious disposition. But deep down, he’s truly laid back and nonchalant. Wagenlander likes to have a good time, but is also very motivated. He enjoys hanging out with friends, skiing, biking and reading. His favorite book is “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Although he read it when he was younger, it has always left an impression on him. Wagenlander’s favorite foods are still anything his mother cooks. His perfect date would be a dinner downtown followed by a stroll around LoDo.

Qualities that impress him: Honesty, empathy, open-mindedness.
His turn-off: Possessiveness.
He couldn’t live without: His bike.
Words to live by: “Try not to take things too seriously and enjoy the moment.”

Have you met Joy?
Joy Rojanavongse, 26
Owner/Designer of PIM.era

Rojanavongse said her Thai mother always tells her that she’ll find her soulmate in Thailand, where Rojanavongse was born. Although she knows it’s a possibility, the idea might be too traditional for the accomplished fashion designer. Rojanavongse’s hobbies include drawing, sewing, and cooking Italian and spicy Thai food. She describes herself as silly, goofy and adventurous. Rojanavongse even admits that she loves dancing around her bathroom and house in the nude. This roller coaster gal’s perfect date would be to an amusement park to get an adrenalin rush. She doesn’t have a specific type, but chemistry with a person is very important to her.

Qualities that impress her: Good, kind, tall, driven, adventurous. “I don’t have a standard, but I love curly eyelashes.”
Her turn-offs: People who are messy, disorganized and don’t follow through. “If you’re going to do something, follow through.”
She couldn’t live without: Rice.
Words to live by: “Live, laugh, love and call me. Even if you just want to talk, I’m here for you.”

Have you met Harry?
Harry Budisidharta, 27
Partner at Balaban, Claeson & Budisidharta

Although Budisidharta describes himself as loud and bossy with a dry sense of humor, it’s easy to see that he has a soft side. He’s always smiling and trying to make people laugh. His biggest accomplishment is opening his own law firm at age 25. Budisidharta is happiest when doing anything outdoors; he loves hiking and snowboarding. He can’t get enough of Korean barbecue and mac and cheese. His perfect date would be a hike in the mountains in the daytime, and then talking and drinking in a quiet bar. Don’t take him to a nightclub.

Qualities that impress him: Quiet, shy, humble and a good sense of humor. “I need someone that doesn’t mind my cussing because I cuss like a sailor.”
His turn-offs: Rudeness toward servers on a date and people that just go along with things to make others happy. “I hate when people don’t tell me what I did wrong and just use the silent treatment.”
He couldn’t live without: The outdoors.
Words to live by: “Harm none, do what you will.”

Have you met Angela?
Angela Chung, 24
Owner/Photographer at Angel A Photography

Although Chung studied accounting at the University of Colorado in Boulder, her real passions are photography and film. She also attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and is an aspiring filmmaker. Chung hopes to someday direct short films that Asian Americans can relate to. She describes herself as creative and optimistic about every aspect of life. When she’s not coming up with new ideas, she enjoys dancing, having fun with friends and meeting new people. Chung doesn’t really believe in perfect dates, but dinner and a movie would suffice. She’d just love to find someone who she can fun with no matter what they choose to do. Bring her some cream cheese; she likes to have it with just about anything.

Qualities that impress her: Good sense of humor, silly, goofy and not uptight. “I have to be able to have fun with him.”
Her turn-offs: Negativity and pessimism. “I don’t like being surrounded with negative energy.”
She couldn’t live without: Facebook

Have you met Dennis?
Dennis Kaw, 38
General Counsel at Appliance Factory Outlet, former President of Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Colorado

Kaw was in a bad cycling accident in June, where he rolled over 150 feet down a hillside near Deer Creek Canyon. This experience has made him appreciate his friends and family even more. Kaw describes himself as a laid back Californian who is enjoying life in Colorado. Time away from his busy professional life is spent relaxing, meeting new people, spending time with friends and going on outdoor adventures. He goes to the gym regularly, plays volleyball, and enjoys volunteering in the community.

Qualities that impress him: Educated, caring, athletic, challenging.
His turn-offs: Smokers, people that chew with mouths open, women that don’t exercise regularly and women that don’t have a global view of people, politics and life.
He couldn’t live without: A thick skin. “My profession requires it, and my personality demands it.”
Words to live by: “Life is a marathon, not a sprint; endurance is the key to enjoying it.”

Have you met Julie?
Julie Wilson, 28
Development & Public Relations Manager at Child Advocates

Wilson said she’s probably the only Vietnamese girl that doesn’t use chopsticks and won’t demand that people remove their shoes in her house. She is originally from San Diego and describes herself as a cute, quirky dork. Wilson loves to cook; her favorite recipe is double chocolate cake. She’d love to meet someone with lots of life goals. Her perfect date is classic. Take her out to dinner and then on a walk through the park. And a horse drawn carriage ride would be a nice way to end the night.

Qualities that impress her: Good sense of humor, outgoing and motivated.
Her turn-offs: Smokers, guys that drink a lot, people with anger problems and people who don’t push themselves.
She couldn’t live without: Sprite.

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