Restaurant Peek: Silla Restaurant

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3005 S. Peoria Street | Aurora, CO 80014 | Tel: 303-338-5070
HOURS: 7 days a week | 10am to 10pm
By Anhhai Peter Bui | Ph0tos by Ethan Phan Nguyen

As one of the longest operating Korean restaurants in the Denver metro area, Silla Restaurant has been serving authentic cuisine for more than 15 years. Tucked in a shopping center next to an auto repair shop and hidden behind a 7-Eleven, the gem of a restaurant has been run by the franchise owners for the past seven years. Earlier this spring, the owners gave the long standing restaurant a makeover furnishing it with a more contemporary look. But for the past seven years, Silla Restaurant has cooked special recipes that aren’t found anywhere else in Colorado.

Diane Choe and her family have a history of managing restaurants and decided to take over Silla Restaurant when they received licenses on two franchise recipes which happen to be the two dishes they are most known for. The Soon Tofu Soup recipe is from the So Kong Dong franchise. It is a well-known franchise that started in Korea and has spread to several cities across the States. The spicy soup is filled with soft tofu and your choice of meat or seafood, topped with an egg and comes in different levels of heat. The seafood selection contains oysters, shrimps and clams, and all the varieties are served bubbling hot to your table. It is a great meal for a cold day.

The restaurant also has you covered for those hot days too. Their other franchise dish is the Yu-Chun-Chik brand of Mool Nengmyun. It is a buckwheat cold noodle in beef broth served with a hardboiled egg, cucumbers, radishes, and sliced beef, all of which is served cold in a tin bowl. This dish may seem unusual but is one of the most delightfully refreshing dishes, and Silla Restaurant prepares the very best. Ask anyone where to get the best Mool Nengmyun and more often than not they will point you here. Silla is the only restaurant in Colorado that serves these two franchise dishes. The restaurant offers other classic Korean dishes and a tasty array of banchans, or small dishes that accompany the main course. The smokeless barbecue grills allow diners to order and grill their own meats right at their table.

Silla runs great specials throughout the week including their affordable lunch menu with most dishes priced at $6.95. The full bar is always available, and a special buy one get one free special is offered on all beers during happy hour. The restaurant has a private party room that can fit up to 25 patrons for those with large dinner parties. Silla has been treating its patrons to mouthwatering dishes for the better part of two decades; it is undeniably worth a visit!

Bin Tae Tuk $5.95
Korean mung bean powder pancake
Goon mandu – Fried dumplings $5.95
Gool jun – Oyster pancake $5.95

Japche $9.95
Transparent potato noodles w/beef & vegetables

Haemul pajun – Seafood pancake $14.95

Dolpan bibimbob $9.95
3 types of bibimbob to choose from on stone plate

Galbee tang $11.95
Beef short rib soup

O-ri gui $19.95
Barbeque unmarinated duck

Galbee $27.95
BBQ short ribs marinated in special house sauce

Barbecue combo specials 59.95 to 99.95


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