MEGUMI•O: Sunglasses for the Asian American Face

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Growing up in Hawaii in the 80s and 90s, there wasn’t much in the national media for Asian people, although the people I was surrounded by were Asian.

It wasn’t difficult being Asian in Hawaii, but one problem I always had was finding sunglasses that fit my face without touching my cheecks due to my small bridge.

That’s why I’ve come up with MEGUMI•O to solve this problem. The tagline is “Rock mega lashes and minimize cheek touch in Polarized MEGUMI•O.”

There has always been a demand for Asian fit sunglasses. I am coming out with one style to start with, but my whole concept was to create Polarized Jackie-O style glasses for Asian noses. That’s why it’s called MEGUMI•O.

At this time, I just have one style to emphasize my brand and concept, but will be coming out with white frames and tortoise shell shortly. I want to distinguish myself with one style first, the way Red Bull just has one flavor and a diet version that came out years later.

MEGUMI•O sunglasses will retail for $250 online and in stores.

For years, I was a starving actress in Hollywood. I even wrote, directed and starred in my own pilot Starving Actress. I gave up pursuing a business that just isn’t welcoming me and created my own brand of Asian sunglasses. MEGUMI•O is great for Asian bridges and non-Asians who use Latisse or eyelash extensions. Facial Index and TC Charton are far from sexy Jackie-Os. Also, Asian women tend to have wider faces, which look better proportioned in large glasses.

So far in Los Angeles,,, and have ordered them. Sunglasses can also be ordered online at

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