Marquis Theater Welcomes Joseph Vincent Encarnacion

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joseph-vincentJoseph Vincent Encarnacion, 23, is a Filipino-American guitarist, singer, and songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. He began his career by playing cover songs and posting videos onto YouTube. He now has over 300,000 subscribers and over 65 million views and recently released his debut album “Blue Skies” in October.

On Nov. 20, he performed at the Marquis Theater in Denver as he is currently on tour with Joe Brooks and Mike Mains & The Branches. We sat backstage with the musician for an interview.

AAm: Are you working on music full-time?
Encarnacion: Right now we are touring the west coast supporting Joe Brooks. That’s why we are here (Denver) today, but also to support my debut album which came out in October, “Blue Skies”.

AAm: What’s your favorite song on “Blue Skies”?
Encarnacion: It would have to be “My Queen” because it is the only ballad on the entire album and it’s actually not a happy song. It’s about being in a relationship with the right person at the wrong time. It’s funny because it goes full circle. “Blue Skies” is about positivity, determination and keeping that perserverance to get to those blue skies but there are also sad days. And “My Queen” would be one of those songs that reflect those sad days.

AAm: What inspires you?
Encarnacion: I’m kind of a hippie at heart so I get really introspective and I go deep inside like what are the meaning of the stars, why are we here? Then out of that whole philosophical situation I pull from my relationships, my observations of my friends relationships… I get a little nosy sometimes… my relationship with my family, my friends and God. And I tie all that together. That’s what inspires me and keeps me going. And having that faith in humanity that people deep down inside are good and mean well.

AAm: Did you ever imagine you would be where you are today?
Encarnacion: I would always imagine, but I would never think anything was really going to happen. Now that I have a debut album and I’m actually touring, it’s pretty surreal. But I don’t think I’ve made it yet, there’s still a lot to go. If you feel like you’ve made it, it’s a bad place to be. You gotta keep progressing. The key to happiness is constant progression.

See the full interview with Joseph Vincent at For more information or to purchase his album, visit See the video from his Denver performance on YouTube.


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