Beer Drinking Around Asia

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<p>Asia is guzzling up the beer, showing dramatic increases of consumption.</p>

<p>Beer drinking, usually associated with European countries of Germany and Ireland, is rising since 2000. Analysts predict that the earnings of Asia’s beer market will reach more than $144 billion in 2012.</p>

<p>So what beers are Asian countries drinking?</p>

<p>In the Philippines, San Miguel beers are poured at every major sporting event and national holiday, then consumed while eating balut, an uncooked duck embroyo. While Japanese brands include Asahi and Kirin beers to complement its sushi and sashimi cuisines. Most beer drinkers name Tsingtao as the beer of choice from China.</p>

<p>Last year, Vietnam reported beer consumption of 2.38 billion liters, an increase of 19.8 percent from 2009, according to figures from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The increase is credited to the purchasing power of middle class, the move from hard liquor and the consolidation of major breweries around the world.</p>

<p>Let’s look at the top 10 beers in Asia:</p>

<p>Philippines: Ask any Filipino for their beer of choice from the islands and they will definitely request a San Miguel Beer. This beer tastes clean and smooth, light on flavor but very easy to drink. Applejack in Wheat Ridge sells 6 pack of San Miguel for $8.99, while Zengo Restaurant, a fusion between Asian and Latin cuisines, offers this beer as part of its beverage offerings.</p>

<p>Japan: Most Japanese restaurants in Colorado will offer Sapparo and Kirin as part of its beverage menu. The fullness in the mouth is one of Sapporo’s more redeeming qualities in addition to the fruitiness of the malts. The light lager is similar to Coors, making a drinkable beer. Colorado restaurants serving Sapparo include Zengo Restaurant on 1610 Little Raven Street; Swing Thai on 1612 Wazee Street; Indochine Cuisine on 19751 East Main Street in Parker, Colorado, Halu Sushi and Asian Grill, 17525 S. Golden Road in Golden, Parallel Seventeen on 1600 East 17th Avenue and Street Kitchen Asian Bistro at 10111 Inverness Main Street in Englewood and the Kokoro restaurant chain in Denver and Arvada.</p>

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<p>As for Kirin, the beer tastes sweet with a slight bitterness, complementing sashimi and sushi cuisines. Most of the restaurant serving Sapparo will also offer Kirin as part of its beverage menu. In addition, Sonoda’s, with locations in Aurora, Denver and Englewood and Saigon Landing sell the beverage between $4 to $6 a bottle.</p>

<p>Vietnam: The Bia Saigon Lager, a smooth, sweet with a decent body, is sold at select establishments around Colorado. They include Cholon on Blake Street and Street Kitchen Asian Bistro.</p>

<p>India: Chang Beer, better known as the backpacker beer for the intrepid traveler, contains a slight sweetness with sour yeast after taste. The downtown Wild Bangkok Bar and Grill on Welton sells this transparent golden amber colored beverage for $2.50 a bottle while Swing Thai sells the Indian beer for $4. In addition, Street Kitchen Asian Bistro also sells this brand, too.</p>

<p>Another beer from India is the Kingfisher, categorized as a premium lager, tastes like a light malt grain with a slight metallic after taste. India House, on 1514 Blake Street in LoDo, serves this beer.</p>

<p>Thailand: Singha Beer, shows a pale golden/straw color and tastes with some malt and a mild bitter finish. Indochine serves this beer to its patrons while Swing Thai offers this beverage on its menu.</p>

<p>China: Tsingtao Beer, with minimal flavor, smells slightly skunky, showing clear yellow/gold colors.  The Chinese beer is offered at Saigon Landing, Halu Sushi and Asian Grill, J.J.’s Asian Bistro in Sakura Square, Cholon and Street Kitchen Asian Bistro.</p>

<p>Tiger Beer, a slightly malty beverage, complements the spicy Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines.</p>

<p>Zengo, Cholon, Parallel Seventeen and Street Kitchen Asian Bistro offer Tiger Beer as part of its beverage offering.</p>

<p>Beer drinking around the world is another way of engaging with a variety of cultures even if it is in Colorado.</p>

<p><em>Mary Jeneverre Schultz, a native from the Philippines, sampled most of the beers on this list, still preferring Guinness over San Miguel beers.</em></p>​


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