Art for Aurora raises $3,900 for victims and families of theater shooting

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Art for Aurora (A4A), a benefit art show that raised funds for the victims and their families affected by the Century theater shooting, raised approximately $3,900 on October 13. $1000 of which was due to auctioned art items, which were donated by local artists.

According to the A4A website, “July 20, 2012 has left Colorado shattered. Nonetheless, Aurora has proven itself to be a strong and supportive community, uniting itself amidst the tragedy to prove that resilience and solidarity defeats violence.”

“By hosting an art show we plan to unite the Colorado community and showcase how strong we can be despite our differences.”

The event organized by Joie Ha, Gamma Acosta, Sally Peang and Luis Lopez, with the help of dozens of volunteers and sponsors, carried a theme of “heroism”, asking supporters to be a hero and donate to the A4A cause. The show included more than 20 artists, over 10 local performers, and resources for further assistance. Artists donated artwork to be sold in the auction, while performers donated their time and talent to support the cause.

Peang, 21, is the owner and founder of Enovishun, which provides freelance graphic art services and commissioned traditional art. She specializes in all things visual such as digital design, illustration, web development, film and drawing.

“I am still so overwhelmed with all of the support and help that we received,” she said. “Many have asked when our next show is so they can get more involved and continue to help others.”

When asked why art was the best method to unite the community in this cause, Peang said, “Art brings people together by the messages it portrays. To me, art builds a culture around it through which people share and connect. Art illustrates emotion and has the power to promote and influence it among others.”

Ha, 21, is a student at the University of Denver. She believes when the funds are distributed it will be most rewarding. “To actually see our efforts made a difference will assure us that we were successful,” she said.

“In times of tragedy, art helps us make sense of the world around us. It allows us an outlet, a way to relieve stress, and a way to connect with each other,” said Ha. For more information about Art 4 Aurora, visit See photos on Facebook!

Art 4 Aurora planning committee and the Aurora Police Chief & Fire Chief


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