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Asian Pacific Development Center Honors Dr. Dennis Law

On Tuesday, April 7th, 2009, the Asian Pacific Development Center will honor Dr. Dennis Law at a special opening night reception for his newest production, Tang Concubines, at the Buell Theatre. Christine
Wanifuchi, APDC Chief Executive Officer, commented, “When we were approached by Denver Center Attractions about Tang Concubines, we immediately felt that this was a great opportunity to honor Dr. Law for his visionary leadership in bringing an Asian sensibility and perspective to mainstream performing arts.”

Tang Concubines is the latest in a successful series of action-musicals conceived and produced by Dr. Law, and tells the story of two of the most famous women in Chinese history, the virtuous concubine Yang Guifei who gave her life for her country, and the ambitious Wu Ze Tian, who became the first—and only—Empress
of China. The show has won two Canadian Dora Awards, the Canadian equivalent of America’s Tony Awards, for musical theatre in the categories of Best Choreography and Best Costume Design. Of Heaven & Earth, Terracotta Warriors, and Heartbeat are earlier Law efforts that have also received both international audience and critical acclaim. Terracotta Warriors and Heartbeat have both been performed in Denver at The Buell Theatre, presented by Denver Center Attractions. In addition, Dr. Law has been instrumental in producing other local Denver productions, including the acclaimed Colorado Ballet production of Dracula.

Tang Concubines is a lavish spectacle comprised of breathtaking artistic performances, impressive choreography, thrilling martial arts sequences, gorgeous costumes, and traditional Chinese music. It tells a fascinating tale of love, power, life and death in China’s greatest dynasty.

The Toronto Globe and Mail called Tang Concubines “shock and awe entertainment.” The show runs at the Buell Theatre from Tuesday, April 7th until Sunday, April 19th. Beginning at 5:30 PM on opening night, Tuesday, April 7th, the Asian Pacific Development Center will host a special reception. Special tickets are available at all seating price ranges for the reception and the evening’s show. MillerCoors is the evening’s sponsor. Joanne Tabellija, MillerCoors Community Affairs Manager, said, “MillerCoors is very pleased to be a sponsor for this event. We have long admired Dr. Law for his work in the performing arts. This recognition is greatly deserved. And we are equally pleased that the reception’s host is the Asian Pacific Development Center. APDC has been a key community resource for over 28 years.”

Wanifuchi also said that this event was an excellent opportunity for the agency to announce the fall launch of the new integrated care delivery system. “Over the past several months, APDC has been conducting focus groups and other research about the need for a single community resource for primary care, mental health and other services in a family-oriented environment. The positive response has been overwhelming.” The Asian Pacific Development Center serves 12,000 clients annually in a wide variety of health screenings and education, behavioral health and social services. The agency website is

For more information about Tang Concubines and to watch a video clip of the show, go to Reception information can be obtained.

By John Chin and Genevieve Miller

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