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Archive for January, 2009

To Touch One’s Heart: Dining on Dim Sum

To some, the scene is entirely foreign: shiny silver carts swerving between tables, chattering waitresses selling steaming containers of shrimp, scrumptious congee, steamed pork buns, hot mustard greens, delicious pots of chrysanthemum tea and a wealth more delicacies. In some restaurants, the scene might include raucous conversation, spirited (and sometimes creative) ways of getting the [...]

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Asian Avenue magazine

The Joy of Living Club’s Lunar New Year Celebration on Friday, January 23rd at 6:30pm will present not only delicious food, but food with deep cultural meanings. In Chinese culture, during the Lunar New Year festivities, what you eat and the rituals performed affect your fortune and luck in the coming year. Please attend [...]

Restaurant Peek: Seoul Korean BBQ

2080 S. Havana St. Aurora, CO 80014
Tel: 303.632.7576
Hours: Open daily 11am – 10pm

Seoul B.B.Q. is an upscale Korean restaurant with a focus on authentic ingredients. The interior is modern with lush Asian accents and polished tile from floor to towering ceiling. The dining area is outfitted with individual grilling tables, each with its own heavy-duty [...]

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Asia

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many countries across Asia. However, the term “lunar” is used loosely to describe the calendar. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, which means it incorporates elements of both lunar and solar calendars. In Asia the lunar calendar has been replaced by the Gregorian calendar on daily activities for a [...]

Magical Ceremonial Kris from Indonesia

A Kris is no ordinary sword. This weapon has a steel blade, but is rarely used in battle. These swords are held in great esteem, even awe, and traditionally are used in almost every kind of formal ceremony and activity. Some are believed to be imbued with supernatural powers or to have spirits of their [...]

Japanese American Colorado Native Appointed Denver County Court Judge

Nationally-ranked skier turned college business student. Turned law student. Turned private practice attorney. Turned City of Denver Judge. That is Kerry Steven Hada.
In late November, Mayor John Hickenlooper appointed Kerry Hada as Denver County Court Judge, one of the most sought after positions in the Colorado judiciary with more than 60 nominations. The appointment fills [...]

An Orchestra Like No Other

The Divine Performing Arts Orchestra is a tour de force that combines Western and Chinese musical instruments to create a unique whole. Currently it is the world’s only orchestra that embraces both Western and Chinese instruments as permanent members.
The practice of deploying Western and Chinese instrumental timbre simultaneously in musical compositions is about seventy years [...]

The Mastery Behind the Music

Khechog was born in Kahm Gaji, Tibet. At 54 years old, his life has taken many twists and turns – member of Tibetan guerilla army to a monk and hermit under the tutelage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to world-renowned composer and musician who lives with wife, Tsering Youdon in Boulder, Colorado.
Even though Khechog [...]

CAHEP’s Vision of a Continuum of Care

On an average afternoon, the Colorado Asian Health Education Promotion (CAHEP) office is bustling with activity as patients from a diverse spectrum of Asian cultures are being attended to in their native languages, in a manner that fosters comfort and empowerment to the individuals seeking care. This non-profit organization is comprised of an eight core [...]

Parker Asian Festival’s third year of cultural excitement

The Parker Arts Council presents the 3rd Annual Parker Asian Festival, an afternoon of cultural entertainment and education, at the Parker Fieldhouse on Saturday, January 17th from 2pm to 6pm. This year’s entertainment includes the Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center’s spectacular lion dance, United Studios of Self Defense’s Kenpo technique demonstration, Mudra Dance Studio’s North [...]