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Joy of Korea House in Aurora, Colorado

admin | Features | Wednesday, 03 December 2008

On October 24, Asian Avenue magazine’s Joy of Living Club dined at the Korea House Restaurant in Aurora. The special group menu included the seafood pancake appetizer (Korean-style with green onions and mixed seafood), kalbee barbecue (marinated beef short ribs), bulgogi barbecue (marinated sliced beef), and an array of delightful veggie side dishes.

Guests took part in a traditional Korean meal by taking off their shoes and sitting on the floor, while cooking the barbecue meat on a grill in the center of each table. Each took turns playing chef by preparing the meat for their new friends. The event concluded with a tea demonstration by Greg Fellman of Seven Cups Tea (, who shared the traditional green tea and oolong tea.

JOL attendees share their experience:
“The dining experience is something I will treasure for a lifetime. I enjoyed other members describing the dishes and how to eat them. My daughter and sister had a wonderful time. We have shared our photos with family and friends and plan to go back soon.” - Stephanie Cross, Denver

“I have not had Korean barbecue before. It was great—sometimes hard to cook with the burner, but it was neat. My favorite dish was the jalapeno potatoes.” - Amy Aguirre, Denver

The food was good and the ‘interactive’ meal was fun and a defi nite contributor to the flow of conversation with people that I didn’t know before.” - Erma Sampson, Boulder

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